SiSoft Sandra Errata List

SiSoft Sandra Errata List

No Memory SPD/PLL IC info on Asus boards:

If Sandra does not show any memory module information on your Asus board it is because motherboards produced beginning with the P3B-F block software from detecting these devices after boot. SiSoft has no idea why Asus has done this (PLL IC block makes sense but why SPD EEPROM?) and they are working on a solution but they could use your help. If you own one of these motherboards and are experiencing this problem, or you would just like to do some testing, they will send you a SMBus scanner and SPD analyzer which will probe the SMBus for devices. If you’d like to help, please contact SiSoft directly, as they are interested in hearing from P3C-xx, P3W-xx, CUWE-xx, CUSL2, users. Other motherboards in the Asus line are already supported.

Sandra Millennium Errata List:
Here is a list of current errata reported and confirmed since release. If you are experiencing other issues, please contact SiSoft.

  • VIA PM133 or 694Z (e.g. Asus CUV4X): Incorrect PCI & AGP multipliers. This is due to a bug in our PCI multiplier table for this chipset.
  • VIA KT133 (e.g. Asus A7V): Incorrect PCI & AGP multipliers. Again, bad PCI multiplier table (seems to work differently from the KX133 which is supposed to be 99.99% compatible).
  • Asus K7V: Crash in Main board Information. Our unlock algorithm does not seem to work with all BIOS revisions. Contact us if you experience this problem. Disable PLL IC Information and SPD (EEPROM) Information in module Options (right-click) to fix this issue.
  • Professional Patch: Memory benchmark reference numbers missing. The new benchmark file is missing from the update. Please download it and copy it to Sandra’s folder (overwrite the old one). The results ARE NOT affected in any way.
  • Gigabyte GA-7ZM, GA-7ZX: Fans turned off. The detection algorithm somehow interacts with the HWMonitor (686A) and turns the fans off. So far, only these boards are affected and no others based on the 686A. Please advise SiSoft if this issue effects you.
  • Asus HW Monitor: Incorrect CPU FAN speed (e.g. K7V, K7M, CUSL2, CUWE2). Some AS99127 are detected as Winbond which causes this issue. These seem to be a new revision of the chip. Correct value is x9. Also the voltages may be incorrect depending on board (e.g. on the CUSL2).
  • AMD Thunderbird & Duron: Incorrect L2 cache association. The L2 cache association for Models 3 & 4 is 16-way not 8-way as displayed by Sandra.
  • Intel manufactured 820 main boards: Lock in Main board Information. These boards have an SMSC LPC controller which is disabled by Sandra after the transaction. Disable System Buses Information to fix this issue.
  • OpenGL module: Crash with ATI cards. There is an incompatibility with driver 4.12.6292 (wme_w98_r128_4_12_6292.exe); it will be fixed in the next release. For now, either delete the module or go back to driver 4.12.6269 which works OK.

Courtesy SiSoft.

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