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Nikita Mazepin has been a very popular name on the F1 radar for a few years now. He has been the first one to be selected for F1 driving in 2024. He further plans for some major leagues with the next season of Haas. Recently, there was an announcement that came out as a surprise for Mazepin’s fans and himself, made by Haas. It was announced that the Formula 2 driver, Nikita will level up to Formula 1 along with the team, the next year, and he will be one of the two drivers.

Nikita Mazepin is a Russian, 21-years old guy and he was linked to the vacant seat of F1 very closely, ever since it was announced that the previous comtenders will be dropped down. This was purposely done to favor the drivers who are backed by significant sponsorships. Mazepin belongs to an affluent background. You can check out more about him at

His father is the founder and the main shareholder of a chemical company in Russia, named Uralchem. His net worth, as of 2018 was calculated to be around $7.1 billion, and a fertilizer company named Uralkali, based in Dmitriy is emblazoned over racing cars owned by Nikita, as they fund the career of this driver.

Haas had an option of taking another driver, Callum Illot, a part of the Ferrari Driver Academy. However, they didn’t do that, and instead chose Nikita, and the choice was not only on the basis of talent. Nikiya didn’t arrive at Formula 1 alone, he has a considerable amount of cash backing him, and if we say that he has been chosen only because of the cash, it will be unfair to his talent. A combination of both has made him get selected for the opportunity.

Ever since Mazepin joined Formula driving, he has managed to control his anger to a great extent. He has evolved immensely as a driver and has now become an impressive driver. The wealthy background of Nikita has induced several great opportunities for him, during his lifetime. Also, Formula 1 was one of the opportunities that he got because of his wealth and talent, both.

His promotion is clearly justified as a result of his talent. He held junior ranks when he initially joined Formula driving, but has then developed into a mature and talented driver over the years. He has been on the F1 radar for a few years now, and there are two reasons behind his popularity, one is the ability to leave his rival with a swollen jaw and black eye, and the amount of wealth he has.

Is Mazepin a Paid Driver?


An honest answer to this question is a big yes, simply because the reason behind picking Mazepin for Formula 1 driving is that he has been picked based on the financial package that he can offer. Before Mazepin, Magnussen was popular in the team of F1 drivers and was talented enough as well, however, lately he has had to struggle to find sponsorship in his native place, and this created an opportunity for Mazepin. To Haas, Mazepin has brought in some significant financial clouts, because as stated above, he has financial backing of his father’s wealth and also races with the sponsorship of Uralkali.

What He Had Done In His Career As A Junior?


Mazepin has earlier shown several flashes of promises. In the GP3 championship that was held in 2018, the new Formula 3, he finished at the second position after Anthoine Hubert. He was at the 18th position in his part as a rookie in the Formula 2 season, but has claimed two race victories this year. When he went into the finale, he stood at the third position.

However, in the racing career of Mazepin, he experienced one of the most notorious incidents, a few years ago. In the 2016 season Callum Illot was punched by Mazepin and was punched in the face. His eye got black and was left with a swollen jaw. Though there was not much harm in his career as a racer, he had to go through the ban of one race, but several questions were raised on his characteristics.

Is Mazepin Ready for F1?


The financial position of Mazepin has enabled him secure a position in F1 driving and he has bagged a chance to make his F1 debut. The time spent by Mazepin in F1 has been rocky, and it is often said that the entire fault is not his. Nikita has been in the sport and F1 racing for 8 years now, and he has also established himself as a brat of F1. With help of his father’s money, Haas believes that some significant improvements can be made before the start of next season. Mazepin doesn’t have any reason not to perform in the F1 Driving.

How To Get In Touch With Mazepin?


He is quite popular on various Social Media platforms and he stays active on them regularly. Hence, you can easily get in touch with him through his Social Media handles. You can easily find him on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. However, considering his popularity, his inbox will certainly be flooded with fan messages and thus you may have to wait for sometime to get your turn. Nikita also has his own web page and his management team actively keeps track of the messages sent to him there. You can easily reach out to him on his website.

Some Additional Details

Mazepin was born on March 2 and is single as of now. He is ranked as one of the most popular formula one racers. He is also renowned as one of the most famous celebrities born in Russia.

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