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 Indeed, a Calculator with Teeth!

Have you forgotten how to do those subnet calculations? Have you tried some of those down and dirty utilities that barely provide the basics? Well here’s a neat, full featured and free tool from SolarsWinds that does its job and more.

To quote SolarWinds, “Finally, a Calculator with teeth!” and they are right.

Some of the other Subnet Calculators available only have a single function and most don’t allow Exporting, and those that do require you to purchase the product in order to enable all the features.  The Advanced Subnet Calculator from SolarWinds is Full Featured and Free!

The Advanced Subnet Calculator from SolarWinds is actually three tools in one.

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Address  Details
Forward and  reverse DNS resolution, response time, Address translation (Hexadecimal and Binary) and Address Class information. 

Subnet Creator 
Full Function Subnet Calculator. No limited functionality!  Calculates subnets based on Subnet Mask, Mask Bits, Host Bits, Number of Subnets and Hosts per Subnet.
You can then generate a range of subnets based on these settings.

Subnet Addresses
Will generate a list of addresses for any subnet.  This can then becomes the working document to assign addresses.  You can even assign addresses within SolarWinds Advanced Subnet Calculator and then print the worksheets . . . or Export to HTML or Excel.

This tool is also included in the Standard, Professional and Plus Editions of their Network, Management and Discovery tools. You can download the Advanced Subnet Calculator by clicking either of these links!

FTP Download         HTTP Download

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