Network Hardware Problems

  • Make sure that there are no shorts between the center copper core and the cable ends. Coax cable is made up of four (4) components, (1) a copper center conductor, (2) an insulator around the copper center conductor, (3) thin wire mesh shielding or ground and (4) the outer sheath.

    When shops make up special lengths of coax cable for customers, all too often they do not check to make sure that the center conductor is isolated completely from either the end connector or the mesh ground. This creates a short and prevents the network from functioning as it should.

    Checking to see if this is the problem is relatively easy. If you have a continuity meter handy, disconnect both ends of the cable and attach one of the probes to the center conductor. Now attach the other probe to either the outside of the end connector or to the mesh shielding if it’s showing. If the meter shows that continuity exists, there is the problem.

    If you had the cable made by a supplier, ask them to replace it. If you made the cable yourself, you’ll need to remove the end connector and replace it.

  • Aside from the grounding or short mentioned above, another common occurrence with coax cabling is the center copper conductor not being long enough to to make contact with the receptacle inside the network card. The protruding end should be of sufficient length that you have to start the conductor into the hole in the network card “before” screwing on the connector.

  • Lastly, make sure that you have attached your coax cabling to the network cards correctly. You cannot connect the coax cable directly to the network card. Here is the way it must be done.

    • You must first attach a “T” Connector to the network card. Take a look at the example shown here.

    • You then attach the coax network cable to one end of the “T” Connector.

    • You then attach a 50 Ohm Terminator to the “T” connector opposite from where you attached the coax cable. Note: This is only necessary at each end of the network. See the example shown here.

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