DLL Show for Windows 9x

DLL Show for Windows 95/98 & Windows ME

DLL Show for Windows 9x is a small system utility that displays a list of all running processes and their DLL dependencies. Click your mouse on a listed task or process to see the DLLs that various processes use. DLL Show displays comprehensive information about all running processes including memory load, priority and the DLLs they depend upon. DLL Show can also be used to print a hardcopy report of a selected module’s dependencies. DLL Show can also be used to display a list of all DLL and OCX modules currently installed on your system. DLL Show now includes a disk scanning mode that can be used to catalog files on all drives.

DLL Show for Windows 9x can be configured to optionally place its program icon in the taskbar notification tray.

Here’s a screen shot of DLL Show.

Version 4.5: This is a maintenance release.

OS Requirements: MS Windows 95/98 and Millennium Edition

Download: DLLSHOW.ZIP (140K Bytes) Alternate Server: DLLSHOW.ZIP

Updated: July 28th, 2000

Installation: Unzip to a temporary directory and run SETUP.EXE

Price: Sorry, this isn’t freeware. It’s free to try, $20 if you decide to keep it.

Registration: See writers site.

This a copyrighted product of ©2000 Gregory Braun. All Rights Reserved.

This page updated: 10/16/2000

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