CPU Task Manager for Windows 95 and Windows 98

CPU Task Manager for Windows 95 and Windows 98

All too often we find ourselves trying to sort out Windows 95 and Windows 98 problems by trying to find out what is running in the background that is eating up so many of our processor and memory resources. Merely touching the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys only brings up the Task Manager, which doesn’t tell us everything that may be running on our computers. What has been needed for a long time has been a process viewer much like that used in Windows NT to see what is actually running, and be able to terminate any active process actually running, not just those shown in the Task Manager. Process Viewer 2000 does just that!

You can view all processes running, change the priority of those processes and even copy paths to the clipboard. If you find yourself terminating certain processes on a regular basis to free up resources, you can quickly create a script that will eliminate them instantly.

A Review: With Process Viewer 2000 for Windows 95/98 you can view all active processes, not only those listed in the Task Manager that opens when you touch the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys.

With Process View 2000, you can:

  • Terminate (“kill”) each of the active processes.
  • Copy their paths to the clipboard
  • View and change their priority
  • Register and un-register a process as a service
  • View their properties
  • If you have to terminate the same process(es) often, you can create a script.
  • By double-clicking this script in explorer, PV2K will automatically kill that processes.
  • PV2KTray and PVShellX integrate the power of PV2K in the Windows shell.
  • Process Viewer also has a new WebUpdate feature making updating very easy.

  • View active processes.
  • Kill Active processes.
  • Create scripts.
  • Copy paths of processes.
New in PV2K version 2.0
  • Register a process as a service.
  • Unregister a process as a service.
  • View and change priority of processes
  • PV2KTray.
  • PV2K Shell-Extension.
  • PV2K remembers size and position of window.
  • PV2K remembers size of columns.
  • PV2K remembers z-order.
  • Uninstall option.
  • Options dialog.
New in PV2K version 2.3
  • “Open Containing Folder” option.
  • “Restart” option.
  • “Properties” option.
  • Better install and uninstall.
  • “Run” option.
  • Web Update
  • New logo!!!!!!!!
  • “Refresh every X seconds” option.
  • “Allow multiple instances” option.
  • “Rebuild Icon Cache” option.
  • Icons in PV2KTray and PVShellX menus.
  • PV2K now can create shortcuts in start-menu.
  • A lot of bug fixes.

PV2K ShellX

The PV2K Shell-Extension adds menu-items to the context-menu of a PV2K script file (.PVS). The items in the main-menu are the processes in the script, the items in the popup-menu are the active processes. The popup-menu works the same as the PV2KTray menu.

PV2K Tray

PV2KTray is a small program (52 KB on disk, about 150KB in memory) that enables you to view all active processes and terminate them using a small icon in the system-tray. If you don’t want to start the PV2K every time when you want to view which processes are active, use PV2KTray. The “Launch PV2K” menu item provides quick access to PV2K.

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This includes:

  • Process Viewer 2000
  • PV2K Shell-Extension
  • PV2KTray
  • RestartExplorer.exe

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