4 Things to Know About Diaper Sizes and when it’s Time to Upsize

Having a baby is surely an amazing experience for the parents, but on the other hand, they have a lot of questions and need a lot of help, especially when it comes to diaper change, feeding, sleeping schedule, and everything else related to that tiny human being they brought to this world. The first days are very confusing for both the parents, even when they are adopting, or having a baby with a surrogate mother. Everyone needs accommodation and adaptation time, even the baby. One thing we know for sure – babies can’t go to the toilet by themselves or tell the parents when they need to do that, so using diapers is one of the things associated with newborns. And it seems like an easy task, but a lot of families have issues with choosing the right brand and size.

Some brands are too soft and don’t collect enough liquid, which leads to leaks. Others are harder, but they are causing redness and itching on the baby’s sensitive skin. And when it comes to the size, parents must choose the exact one, because even a few millimeters can cause a tight and uncomfortable feeling, or be too loose for the baby. Read more here for more useful tips about the quality of the diapers you need.

Everything the new parents should know about the diapers, sizes, and when it’s the right time to buy bigger


Babies grow up so fast, and we all know that some pieces of clothes are never worn. Stocking up piles of diapers is one of the most common mistakes new parents make, knowing that in just a few months’ babies are doubling their weight. But, even when they are just born, they aren’t the same. Some of them weigh 6lbs (around 3kg), and some of them can be more than 9lbs (4kg and above). In the first six months, they will double the weight, as it’s expected, but some of them will be bigger than that, or smaller, depending on their genetic factors, and many other environmental conditions, the food, and the general style of parenting.

The best way to get the right size is to wait until the baby is born, so you can know their exact weight, and buy diapers according to that. Start with one package, to see if it’s good for the baby. Some of them have sensitive skin and need softer and quality pieces. Sometimes, your baby can skip the smallest size, if it’s born bigger. There are also models for premature babies, that are smaller than the newborn size. In these specific cases, you are buying them as needed, depending on the condition while the baby is in the incubator, following the doctor’s instructions.
In general, when the baby is born after a few months, you can follow these instructions:

1. Newborns

You will use these diapers for the first few weeks, and you will need around 8-12 diapers every day. In most cases, an average number of 10 is used daily. They are for babies that weigh 6-9lbs, or between 2.8kg and 4.2kg. Some newborns can weigh about 10lbs, which is a little more than 4.5kg. For bigger babies, you will need bigger diapers.

2. Size 1


Generally, you can use these sizes in the first three or four months, when the baby weighs between 8-14lbs or up to 6.5kg. During this time, you will need at least 8 diapers every day, depending on if the baby is fed with breast milk or formula because the type of food can make a difference in the way their metabolism works. Anyway, don’t be afraid, because no matter what type of food you are using, they will progress well. Sometimes, some bigger newborns need size 1 immediately after they are born, skipping the newborn size.

3. Size 2

You can use them from 3 to 8 months old babies, depending on how big they are. You will need around 9 or 10 diapers every day since this is the phase when they eat some fruits and vegetables appropriate to their age. Size 2 is for babies that weigh up to 18lbs or 8.2kg.

4. Size 3

Your baby won’t grow a lot, and that’s why even the 1-year old ones are using this size. After they are 8-10 months old, they will try to stand up, and they will move more, which means they will become taller, but their belly and booty size won’t change a lot. The only difference is that they will need fewer diapers, around 7 every day, so you can plan to buy fewer packages in this phase. Some babies will get potty trained as soon as they reach 12-15 months.

Many parents claim they finished using diapers with size 3, and they only put them at night, just in case. These diapers can “support” babies that weigh up to 28lbs, or around 12kg.


In some specific cases, parents need to proceed using diapers until their child is 3 or 4 years old, and these models are separate from the usual ones. Sometimes a doctor should recommend them, so they can buy the package from the drugstore, and they are used as needed. In any else case, a doctor’s recommendation is a must.

Completely healthy babies will give up on the diapers until they reach the age of 3, and most of them will do that even earlier before they are 2 years old.

In order to choose the right size, you need to know the weight of your baby, and their length, because the measures are usually listed on the package, and you can follow the instructions to buy the exact size you need.

Sometimes you will make mistakes, and that’s nothing unusual, especially if this is your first time as a parent. But, never give up. We all know that having a baby is pretty expensive, but anyway, it’s worth the love and dedication. So, don’t be disappointed when you buy the wrong package of diapers. You can always swap them with other parents, or pass them to another baby that needs them more. That’s how the kids grow up.

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