The Connection Between Online Slots And Video Games

Online gambling is more than a usual game and it requires a high level of responsibility and awareness, and even though you can play it for fun, you have to be aware of the risks around it. But, surely we can find an interesting connection between online gambling and everyday video games. They are inspired by each other, and casino developers are using some tricks and knowledge from the video games, so they can make a good and attractive product that will be “inviting” for the new gamblers. The basics are the same, but the final product and its purpose are different.

There is another similarity between these two different things. Most of the casinos and games too can be tried at the beginning, through their demo or trial versions, or the bonus free period they offer. You can even join free competitions on Ekstrapoint, claim bonuses, and use them for your real gambling. The demo versions are pretty nice for those who are interested, but not sure if they really want to invest in gambling. Both of them provide competitive activities and may encourage the active players to work together, make teams, or just make someone give up on the game or casino, and simply go away.


There are many similarities between video games and online casinos, and here are some of them:

1. They are all made on the same base

They have almost the same DNA since the developers start from scratch when they are writing the code. They have to input a lot of functions and combine them with the visuals, so they can create an exceptional product that will be interesting and attractive for the players. There are a few rules every game developer should follow when creating the game, and there is a whole team that works on the effects and details. No matter if it’s some action game, multiplayer, puzzles, free poker, or a serious online casino, they need to know the same basic things, so they can build up the new product. As you know, the right choice of visual effects, sounds, music, and pictures can make people “addicted” to the game, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, if they have control over their actions.


2. You can claim bonuses on both of them

When we talk about casinos, we all know that most of them provide a trial period, so you can be sure if you want to spend your money there or not. That’s the reason why bonuses exist. When you join a game, no matter what type of it, you are getting a pack of freebies. The owners and inventors should always know how to attract you and motivate you to stay active, and the chance to claim bonuses when you join the game first is a good way to do that. Also, regular tournaments in your range or group can lead to bigger bonuses and prizes, and at the same time, you can send and receive them from your teammates. Online casinos work with money, which is not always the case with games. But in order to offer real prizes, the casinos must demand real money from the active players, giving them benefits for all of that.


3. They are inspired by actual events

Most of the video games are based on historical events, like Roman Empire, ancient times, mythology, and people who existed in the past, as assassins. Sometimes they are using Ancient Egypt as an inspiration, or the Roman period. When it comes to casinos, we all know how they work, but still, the design and visuals can be inspired by history or popular culture too. Sometimes the actual events in the world can result in a spin-off or an upgrade, for more attractive weapons, goods, and charms. Also, they may contain details from different cultures and traditions, for example, the lucky shamrock from the Irish tradition, crowns, crosses, Greek gods, and so on.

4. No matter what, you need to have a strategy

Most of the games, especially the casino ones, depending on your luck, and skills to estimate if some movement is right or not. Video games require a higher level of planning and making strategies, patience, knowledge, and skills to play them. Also, you are training your problem-solving approach, as you see your mission as something that should be resolved in order to get the wanted reward. On the other hand, when it comes to gambling, you have to know it’s based on the random number generator, and no matter how many skills do you have and how much you know about it, you can’t predict the outcome. There are some popular strategies that may work, but not always.


Anyway, you can’t go and play without at least knowing the basic things about the game or casino. But the best strategy you may adopt in cases like this – is to know when it’s the right time to stop.

5. People are getting addicted

The addiction to gambling and video games is a real thing, and it may affect people from different age groups. It’s so wrong to believe that only kids and young people are likely to get addicted to gaming (or gambling). But if you think that you invest a lot of time and money on some game, and you are aware of that, you can try to control your needs to play just a few more spins, because it may lead to a loophole that will only result in losing money, nerves, and causing problems to the friends and family. Having control over your actions is the best thing you can do to avoid gaming or gambling addiction. We mentioned this similarity because, sadly, there are people who actually suffer this condition, and they need or already use professional help to go over that.

That’s it – now you know everything you need to know about the differences and more important, similarities between the online casinos and video games. Play them wisely.

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