How Bitcoin is Becoming More Liquid Over Time?

Bitcoin was introduced by an unidentified programmer, Satoshi Nakamoto in the world financial market. It was developed to make international trading easier and free from government regulations. Because all our transactions have a record, the need for a system was felt where people could trade anonymously.

This decentralized, peer-to-peer technology obtained huge popularity in academics and media only by the end of 2012 due to its volatile nature. People were curious to learn more about this currency and invest in it to make profits and enhance their portfolios. However, investors usually have two purposes for holding a Bitcoin – purchasing and speculation.

Although retailers and businesses were skeptical before, now they are willing to accept it as a mode of payment. You can use it to purchase and exchange goods and services in virtual and local stores. However, speculation is the primary aim for people investing in cryptocurrency. It comes with the peril of losing money but expects a significant gain.

What is Meant by the Liquidity of a Virtual Currency?


Without the prospect of substantial gains, no one would be motivated to engage in speculation. And so, there would be little to no effect on the value of crypto. Due to this reason, liquidity plays an essential role for investors. The trading of crypto is done through an exchange, offering services for a range of currencies. Because of it, the liquidy of virtual currency varies across all these exchanges.

Liquidity in crypto exchange refers to all those factors responsible for influencing the value of a cryptocurrency. It implies that there are no discounts or premiums joined to an asset at the time of trading, and it is convenient for the traders to enter and exit the retail. Although it eventually makes the market environment more competitive and challenging, it allows easy trading.

Liquidity describes the degree to which an asset is convertible into cash or other stock without influencing its market price. It is essential to traders and investors to determine when and if they can enter and exit the retail at their desired positions or suffer value changes.

There is no particular method to calculate the liquidity of a virtual currency or an asset. Although there exist 68 liquidity tricks, not all of them are suited for crypto due to less information.

Data Controls of Crypto Provides for 5 Liquidity Measures:

  • Amibud’s Proxy for Illiquidity,
  • Relative Change in Volume,
  • Roll,
  • Coefficient of Elasticity of Trading,
  • Index of Martin.

According to various researches, the liquidity of crypto depends on the exchange. Bitfinex is one of the few markets with maximum liquidity in crypto but less compared to stocks.

What Factors are Making Cryptocurrency More Liquid?


The success of a crypto market is highly dependent on the performance of the cryptocurrency. It has been around for a little over a decade but has managed to gain a reputation. Now let’s learn the factors responsible for making it a liquid asset:

1. Reputation

When we talk about virtual money, liquidy means the extent of ease in transforming a currency into cash or any other tradable asset. But all assets are not marketed, created, and accepted by the investors equally. While some are popular, some are not.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are popular currencies enjoying high liquidity and are accepted by a majority of the exchanges. On the other hand, Dogecoin, Cardano, Litecoin, Monero, Polkadot, Stellar, etc. are not so popular. So, their liquidity is comparatively low.

2. Exchanges


Due to a rise in reliable crypto exchanges, the liquidity of virtual currency is enhancing. It has also motivated famous markets to increase their security measures to attract more investments.

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3. Acceptance

There has been a tremendous increase in stores and brands accepting Bitcoin as a legal tender. You can use it to buy homes, automobiles, groceries, food, beauty products, and a lot more. It is now accepted online and in offline stores. It spikes the use of crypto, lessens its instability, and makes it liquid.

The more it is used as a legal tender for making payments in the market, the more liquid it becomes. Today, you can easily find retailers accepting it as a legal tender, which was not easy.

4. ATMs & Cards


Although not in all countries, in most of them, the network of digital currency ATMs is increasing steadily even if its value is still fluctuating. If you regularly use it for making payments, its ATMs could be critical for you as they simplify the dealing of crypto. For people uncomfortable with digital trading, ATMs are a savior.

Besides ATMs, cards are also gaining recognition because of their ability to make transactions easier. Following the introduction of Bitcoin-to-cash cards, the usage of digital currency is only rising. They simplify buying and withdrawal while providing safety and enhancing liquidity.

5. Regulations

Due to the rising popularity and usage of crypto, countries are considering making it a legal tender. They are altering all their regulations regarding it. The primary reason investors are reluctant to use it is the absence of a central authority, but if governments give it a green signal, there would be no limits to its growth.

6. Recognition


The enhancing recognition of crypto among investors is the final factor responsible for making it a liquid currency. Many investors have heard about it but don’t know what it is and how it operates. This limited or no knowledge is dangerous for the future generation because their future is most likely digital. Although there have been talks about making it a part of studies, nothing is done so far.

Final Words

Bitcoin is a lucrative asset for novice investors out there. But it has its downsides, and liquidity is one of them. It is one of the factors responsible for causing volatile changes in its value. Thus, if the authorities work on this factor, it could help reduce investment risks in a crypto market.

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