Who Is The Mysterious Founder Of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto?

There is a lot of buzz in the crypto world about Satoshi Nakamoto as he is known to be the founder of Bitcoin. This is the anonymous name used by the developers or creators of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

In a more elaborate form, Satoshi Nakamoto is used by the pseudonymous person or persons who created bitcoin, deployed bitcoin’s actual reference implementation, and penned the first whitepaper of Bitcoin. He is the one who is responsible for inventing and developing the whole Bitcoin digital currency. Nakamoto is also said to be devised as the first blockchain database.

It is kind of mysterious that nobody knows Satoshi Nakamoto is, but as curiosity increases, many names indulge with its suspense. It is really skeptical for everyone that Bitcoin is one of the most prominent digital assets and its owner would be a billionaire, but still, no one knows the identity. Further, we will get to know about all the buzzing facts and things taking place, particularly about Satoshi Nakamoto.

More About Satoshi Nakamoto


Satoshi Nakamoto is a significant name in the crypto world. However, still, it is unclear whether the name belongs to a particular single person or an individual or a group of people. Many people have researched a lot about it, but no one still doesn’t have the answer. First, we came to know about Satoshi Nakamoto is that a paper was published in 2008 that significantly brought the development of the cryptocurrency.

He wants to regulate Bitcoin but wishes to be anonymous and operate as per his own choice. It is mind-scratching for the other digital currency makers how a person made such a successful cryptocurrency and peer-to-peer technology along with the effective blockchain software.

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Contribution Of Nakamoto In Bitcoin


He is the first one who made the first blockchain database. He also has the authority of the Bitcoin whitepaper in 2008. The white paper consists of all the technical implementations and specifications that explain the technology and all technical facts about Bitcoin. There are many important things about bitcoin like it suggests how Bitcoin offers a whole concept of how the invention of bitcoin stands out to be a new online payment system.

He did his research by exploring how transactions and trading occur, and as many people feel insecure about trading in digital currency. Still, in his paper, he made it clear how it rewards the people who trust it and use it for trading.

He also outlines that it is just a trading system; it also states that it also ensures that the privacy and safety of the trader is the first concern of bitcoin or specifically blockchain. Nakamoto is the one who proposed to have a decentralized body, and the transactions will be decentralized, and ultimately, blockchain technology was offered.

Some people and agencies claim that his last communication was traced in 2011. Two years after Bitcoin was launched, he held a big name in the crypto world because of his several contributions. He stands put to be a philosophical figurehead of sorts and figuring about the future course of action in the development of Bitcoin.

Some Of The Famous Names That Can Be Satoshi Nakamoto

As he is known to be such a wise man and responsible for forming the most robust cryptocurrency, there are several individuals that most people claim can be him, but none have been proven to him beyond a doubt.

Whereas the Tesla founder Elon Musk also said about the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, he said that the crypto expert Nick Szabo might be Satoshi Nakamoto as he has thorough knowledge about Bitcoin. Further, there are some of the names that are rumored to be Satoshi Nakamoto:

Nick Szabo


As Elon Musk has said that he might be the founder, the inquisitiveness of the trading enthusiast has flourished. He is known for finding the precursor of Bitcoin, which is Bit Gold, and conceptualizing it.

He described the bit Gold as a great protocol where the unforgeable bits can easily be created, and no one has to stress about the security as they do not have to rely on any third party for completing the transaction. The technology is the same as bitcoin as also the user’s privacy is most important, and no one works as a middle man or something. This raises questions that it might be possible that he can be the mastermind behind bitcoin.

Dorian Nakamoto

He is one of the most popular names has was rumored to be Satoshi Nakamoto. He said that the media houses targeted him, and every allegation and information is wrong about him being its founder.

When he first came into the eyes of the people by the media houses, it created a lot of buzzes as it was the first time that a big news publication house claimed that they had found the creator of Bitcoin. Because of his technological background and links with bitcoin, many people started accepting that he is the man behind cryptocurrency. However, later it gets resolved, and still, the man, woman, or group behind the anonymous name Satoshi Nakamoto stays unknown.

Parting Words

As Bitcoin is touching many milestones, every person wants to know the identity of its founder. From Elon Musk to Dorian Nakamoto, many names came, and some of them even claimed to be the founder of Bitcoin, but it is still a question: who is the founder of bitcoin? But as there is no proof, no one can say who he might be.

People’s curiosity for knowing his identity is increasing with the popularity of cryptocurrency. Still, the real founder wants to remain anonymous and keep his identity unknown in the eyes of the general public.

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