What Bank Size To Choose For Betting

When discussing gambling on various websites, forums, and publishers, a lot of attention is paid to bank management and different financial strategies. However, the question of how to choose a game bank is almost always left out of the picture. So we decided to fill this gap and analyze this very important and complicated topic. After all, there must be some criteria for choosing a bank size. A big pot, by itself, is not a guarantee of success. Of course, an experienced player will get significantly more profit in absolute terms if he works with a big deposit than with a small one. But, on the other hand, a large amount of money can easily be lost without feeling it and making mistakes. And many of these mistakes will be caused by nervousness connected with fears of not losing so much money. So, the selection of bank size should be highly individualized. The parameters for determining its size will be discussed in this review. Let’s also talk about a number of nuances of working with money in bets.

A bank, game bank, or deposit is the amount of money a player allocates to play betting.

Autonomy And Specificity


It is very important that the bank be formalized and separated from your money for current expenses, for some planned purchases, and so on. Up to the point of keeping them on a separate bank card or e-wallet. And if you put cash in a PPP, in a separate envelope.

This separation is very important, especially for beginners and quite gambling people. Situations happen very often: you win, you win, and then you lose. And let me win back quickly, taking the money I had set aside for utilities, food, clothes, and so on down the list. It ends sadly. Some of us get to the loans, some of us bet with the money we borrowed… That’s the bottom!

So you have to be reasonable with your betting. Allocate a separate amount to play and not mix with other money.

Having a specific bank is very important in the planning stage. It is clear that very few people do any planning before betting. Actually, this is one of the differences between a professional, or a player striving to become one, and an amateur, doomed to always drain his money.

Bound to the size of the game deposit goal, the distance of the game segment, financial strategy, and onward on the list. About this set of elements, the mechanism of successful bets we will talk about in detail in subsequent publications of the section. Now it is important for you to remember that the bank must be clearly marked and isolated.

Choosing The Pot Size


The second important point is the size of the game deposit. The question arises 1K $. – is it a bank? What about 10K $? 100K $? And 10 million?

Nominally, any amount we set aside for a betting game is a gambling pot. But it is also obvious that the properties and opportunities with 1K $ and with 100K $, are quite different.

What we need to understand here is that money has a specific value, which is assessed through purchasing power. What can you buy with 1,000 $? Nothing of substance. And for 10,000 $? Well, you can buy something small. And for 100,000 $? Already something more substantial.

If you allocate 1 000 $. A month of fiddling, betting 50-100 $. And at the end doubled, win on top of a net another 1 000 $. Will you be satisfied? Are these time costs worth it? The answer is obvious – no. In this mode, may act only very beginner, just to feel the process, to practice. But no more. In all other cases – it is not serious.

That is, a doubling in a month is a very good result, but the small size of the bank nullifies this success.

On the other hand, the bank may be 100,000 $. Let’s say a player makes a gain of +30% in a month. That’s 30,000 $. Not everyone gets such a salary. In any case, by fixing such a profit, you can already buy yourself something.

And if the capital for the game is in the millions, then 10% of it can be substantial money in absolute terms.

So when playing for bets is always necessary to think not just a percentage of virtual coins, and specific amounts related to the value of goods and services in the real world.

Often it is observed that a player can not or does not want to allocate a large amount as a bank. But at the same time, he expects to win quite a lot and preferably quickly. For example, to involve a deposit of 10,000 $, and in 2-3 weeks to win 100,000 $. This is x10! A very difficult task, especially in such a time frame.

Setting such a goal, a player would simply have to use very aggressive financial strategies, play with high interest, take high odds on risky outcomes, or even compile expresses, go “stairs”.

Naturally, in 99% of cases, it ends up not with winning 100K, but with losing your 10K. And the remaining 1% is not worth relying on luck. We’ll talk about the ratio of the pot to the goal of the game in a separate article. But when discussing bank allocation as such, it is important to understand this.

If the objective is more modest, and the game interval is longer, there is a question of rationality. For example, does it make sense with a bank of 10,000 $ to play for a month and set a goal of doubling, to win net on top of another 10K? The relative profit of +100% per month – it’s very cool! Such profitability is not even in drugs, weapons, or oil

But in our example, all overshadowed by the absolute value of this profit and its purchasing power. There is hardly sense to make a mess for a whole month, albeit a few hours on weekends, because of the 10 000 $. But if the pot is 30K or 50K and we actually double it, that’s pretty good.

What The Size Of The Game Bank Depends On


If we are not talking about training, testing some new game strategies, the size of the game bank should depend on three parameters:

  • The average income per month
  • Habitual expenses in an average day
  • Experience in betting
  • This is a very important point!

We did not specify these parameters from the ceiling. From the examples of hundreds of players that we have seen, the pattern is confirmed.

There should always be a connection between your betting bank and the money in your everyday life.

If you earn 100-200K per month, and you can spend up to 5-10K per day or buy something for yourself 1-2 times a month for 20-50K, then it wouldn’t be interesting for you to play with a 10K bank and bet 100-200 RUR for it. Not to talk about smaller amounts. On the other hand, the bank of 10 million will be too big and betting 50-100K, half of your salary will be too large, causing excessive irritation and burnout. For such incomes and expenses, a deposit of 1-2 monthly salaries will be adequate. That is the same 100-200K somewhere saved, deferred, earned on “the job”.

Psychologically comfortable size bets can also be estimated. In a serious game, when the bank is substantial, usually use a fork of 2-5%. That would be 2-5K for the entire capital of 100K or 4-10K for 200K. Over the game weekend, weekends, it is usually recommended to involve no more than 20-30% of the bankroll. For a person with the above income level – this is quite comfortable because it is comparable to his weekly expenses and the average purchases he allows himself during the month.

Accordingly, for a person who earns 30-50K, a bankroll of two monthly salaries would be 60-100K. Comfortable size bets can estimate yourself.

Of course, there can be no strict rules. Our perception of money is different. But we have outlined the principles and these guidelines are better to stick to.

From the foregoing, we think it is clear why we are against speculation about rates, as the only or main source of income. Firstly, when profitability in hundreds of percent per month appears it means that the niche is highly risky. The risks can and should be regulated and reduced, and we will tell how to do it in other publications. But where “X’s” are possible, there is always a great danger of losing capital. And to tie your life, your comfort only on such an area is recklessness. Secondly, if a person is engaged only in betting, the sense of real money is lost. When there is nothing to build on, no profession, job, or business, more or less stable income, it is better not to think about betting. There is a stratum of total gambling addicts, ludomaniacs, moonlighting as laborers, longshoremen, handing out flyers by the subway, and then dumping all their earned pennies on bets or gambling machines. That’s the bottom! And they started with the fact that they decided not to build a career or a business, but to earn yachts and villas on bets…

We’ve painted you the picture. If you don’t believe me, you can try it on your own life. But remember: the wise man learns from others’ mistakes, the smart man learns from his own mistakes, and the fool doesn’t learn at all… When people who are experienced in the subject give you strong advice, you should listen.

Successful bets on relatively big money only for those who have an income in the real sector, from work or business. Don’t hope to “go up” from zero on betting alone. You are more likely to hit rock bottom…

The growth of the bank and bets should be gradual, in parallel with the growth of income from your core business and with the growth of professionalism in betting.

A Man In A Position Of Power


Here we come to the experience, professionalism of the player as a factor in selecting the size of the bank. A lot of problems and losses in betting stem from the fact that people are turned on their heads by the proximity of easy money. Because of appropriate advertising from bookmakers and various around-the-world “scavengers”, people are not ready to perceive betting as any other kind of activity, a business. Hence a lot of problems. And at the root of them lies arrogance.

For some reason, no one thinks it’s easy to become a 6th-grade locksmith in a factory, a surgeon, an architect, a skilled programmer, or an investment banker from scratch. This list of professionals in their fields could go on for a very long time. Everyone understands that from the moment you enter a niche and achieve high results, it must take time. Besides the time we need: some personal characteristics, desire, a lot of work, desire for progress. We want to bring you one simple truth: betting, sports betting, are not fundamentally different. You can’t come in, “throw all the hats”, put a thousand lying around in your pocket, and tomorrow or in a couple of days withdraw millions and buy yourself a carefree respectable life. These are fairy tales for fools!

Also, you can’t rack up credits without experience, form a million-dollar pot, and win ten million on top. This will end up losing the bank very quickly and getting into an extremely miserable position.

A relatively large bank can only be successfully managed by an experienced player, for whom it is understandable money, not virtual money.

It is possible to earn in betting! The ceiling is, of course, there is. But it will do for sure as a good additional income. But it is important to remember that relatively big and easy money in betting is only for professionals. In fact, as in any field of activity. If this subject is interesting and you like sports themes, if you feel inclined to analyze it, you should develop and become a professional. This series of articles is actually aimed at opening your eyes, giving you a ticket to this niche, if you want to develop in it.

Most people who come to betting, because of a false sense of ease, do not make any progress. You can’t win a lot at once. You need to feel, try, get your first bumps, lose a few small banks. But not to make the same mistakes, but to progress. Then as your understanding grows, the experience will grow, and with it, you can increase the game bank.

That is why there are strategies for banks of different sizes in various articles on this site. Beginners will be useful strategies that use a small bank and aims to win is not exorbitant, but quite average money. Risks in such designs are high, but somewhere to gain experience. All the more so because the money at risk is not large. More experienced people will do well with layouts for running a medium-sized bank. And then, with the transition to the big bank and the safest strategies.


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