AT Command Set Definitions


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%Cn   Enable/Disable Data Compression
  %En   Auto-Retrain control
&Cn   DCD Control
&Dn   DTR Option
&Fn   Recall Factory Profile
&Gn   Select Guard Tone
&Kn   Data Flow Control (Most non-US Robotics Modems)
&Kn   Enables/Disables Data Compression (Texas Inst., USR)
&Qn   Communication (Synchronous/Asynchronous Mode)
&Rn   RTS/CTS (Hardware) Flow Control
  &Tn   Test Mode
&V   View Configuration
&Wn   Store User Profile
&Yn   Default User Profile
&Zn=x   Store Phone Number
  )Mn   Cellular Power Level Adjustment
  *Hn   Link Negotiation Speed
  +++   Escape Sequence
+MS   Select Modulation
  :En   Compromise Equalizer Setting
  ?   Read Currently Selected S Register
  @Mn   Initial Cellular Power Level Setting
  \An   Select Maximum MNP Block Size
  \Bn   Transmit Break
  \Gn   Modem to Modem (Software) Flow Control
  \Ln   Select MNP Block/Stream Mode
\Nn   Protocol Negotiation Selection
  A   Answer
  A/   Re-execute Command
  Bn   CCITT or Bell Selection
  Cn   Carrier Control
Dn   Dial
  En   Command Echo
  Fn   Select Modulation
  Hn   Disconnect (Hang-up)
In   Identification
Ln   Speaker Volume
Mn   Speaker Control
  Nn   Automode Enable (Automatic Line Speed Detection)
  On   Return to On-Line Data Mode
  P   Set Pulse Dial Default
  Qn   Result Code On/Off
  Sn   Select a Specific S Register
  Sn=x   Write an S Register Value
  Sn?   Read an S Register
  T   Set Tone Dial Default
  Vn   Result Code Format
  Wn   Negotiation Progress (Connect Message) Control
  Xn   Extended Result Code
  Yn   Long Space Disconnect
  Zn   Modem Reset
  +++   Escape Sequence

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