Windows 2000 Tips and Tricks, CD-ROM in DMA Mode

  • Right-click on the My Computer icon.
  • When the Computer Management window opens, click Device Manager.
  • Now, double-click the IDE/ATA/ATAPI Controllers icon on the right pane of the window.
  • On the presumption that your CD-ROM drive is connected to the secondary IDE bus/channel, double-click the Secondary IDE Channel icon.
  • When the dialog box opens, select the Advanced Settings tab.

    A drop down menu labeled Transfer Mode sets the mode near the top of the window. If it’s already set to DMA, then you can close all the dialog boxes and continue using Windows 2000. If the CD-ROM drive is set to PIO (Programmed Input/Output) mode, then click the arrow and select DMA if available from the expanded list.

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