Unlocking the Brain’s Potential ─ Why Quizzes Are Your Cognitive Workout

Cognitive skills and intellectual virtues help people think, understand, pay attention, and remember. Reasoning skills and problem-solving abilities are all developed when a person acquires greater cognitive skills. A trivia board game that tests one’s ability to recollect, reason, and make logical guesswork is a great cognitive workout for the brain.

Why Trivia And Cognitive Skills Go Hand In Hand?

There are several reasons why trivia, consisting of interesting snippets of facts or information about things of very little consequence, makes for a great cognitive exercise. Some of the justifications why you should take a trivia game beyond spending fun-filled time are listed below

Fact-Based Quizzes Jog Your Memory

Remembering things, or revitalizing memory, is a cognitive skill, and trivia quizzes boost your memory. Trivia questions force a person to think and ponder over facts and figures.

For instance, if you are asked how many stars are on the European Union (EU) flag, you try hard to visualize the EU flag from your trivia board game. Once you ponder over something, your brain usually remembers those facts; hence, questions that force you to recollect facts and figures are a memory-boosting exercise.


General Knowledge-Based Quizzes And Logical Reasoning

Logical reasoning helps people deduce answers to even those questions for which they do not know the correct answer. For instance, if you are asked which is the smallest country in the world, Vatican City, Nigeria, or India, most people will correctly guess that the answer is Vatican City.

Vatican City is a landlocked city-state that is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. Any logical-thinking person will guess that a city-state will definitely be smaller than Nigeria or India.

Trivia Board Games And Attention

People pay attention to those facts that intrigue them. Trivia-based questions are unconventional, and they demand a person’s undivided attention. When people pay attention, the brain releases acetylcholine, and this, in turn, helps the brain remember the facts.

Trivia Games Encourage Socialization

Knowledge-based quizzes or board games are playable by people of all age groups. You can make your family meetings exciting by playing a trivia game where your parents and grandparents can participate. These games are not physically strenuous but can build a great social bond. For instance, if there is a question about an event from the Second World War, your grandparents might share some anecdotes after answering the question.

Socialization has a positive correlation with developing cognitive abilities. So, the next time you meet your family, try indulging yourself in a fun game everyone can enjoy.



Quizzes push you to reason and force you to think; they nudge your memory to recapitulate. All these are cognitive activities of your brain, and therefore, quizzes indirectly help you work cognitively.

There is an old saying that an idle brain is the devil’s workshop, so if you find yourself bored out of your mind, freshen up and have an interesting and funny time playing trivia while working out your cognitive organs.

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