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Performance Center
Hard Disk Drives
CD-Rom/CD-RW Drives
Video Cards
SCSI Devices
Real-World Benchmarking

Intel Corporation
Processor Identification
Processor Voltage Requirements
Chipset Technical Information
Processor Technical Specifications
Intel Issues and Updates

What is a Network
Network Basics
Wiring a Network
Peer to Peer or Client-Server
Cabling Information
Fast Ethernet
Network Hardware Problems
Crossover Cables
Bi-Directional Printing Issues

Managing Windows?/sup> 95, 98 & NT
Managing the User Interface
User Policies
Registry Management
Restricting Internet Explorer 5.x

Knowledge Center
Internet Basics
Basic Networking
IEEE and FireWire
Windows 95/98 Basics
Ten Tune-up Tips
HHShortcut Keys
HHBacking Up Windows 98
HHUsing the SCANREG Utility
HHHidden Windows Tools
Windows Millennium
Windows 2000
HHHot Topics
HHSystem State and the ERD
HHService Pack Issues
HHThe Registry Editor
HHWindows 2000 Tools
HHMicrosoft Management Console
Dual & Multi-Booting
Microsoft Office Tips

Technical Help
MS-DOS – The Basics
What is an Autoexec.bat file?
What is a Config.sys file?
What is a Bios?
Rom, Ram, Bits & Bytes, what does it mean?
MS-DOS Memory Issues Explained
The MS-DOS Boot Process
Basic MS-DOS Command Use
Library of MS-DOS Commands

Windows 95
Drive Preparation Issues
Preparing the hard drive
Formatting the Hard Drive
Installing Windows 95
Clearing Device Manager
Tweak UI for Windows 95

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Windows 98
Drive Preparation Issues
Preparing the hard drive
Formatting the Hard Drive
Installing Windows 98
Clearing Device Manager
Tweak UI for Windows 98

Windows Millennium Edition
Installation Do’s and Dont’s
Review our tests of Windows ME
Known Issues in Windows ME
AOL Connection Problems
Real MS-DOS in Windows ME

Windows NT
Tweak UI for Windows NT

Windows 2000
Drive Preparation Issues
Preparing the hard drive
Formatting the Hard Drive
Installing Windows 2000
Device Code Errors
Windows 2000 Updates & Patches
Troubleshooting Windows 2000
Upgrading from Windows 95, 98 or NT
Uninstalling Windows 2000
Tweak UI for NT

Windows Internet Connection Sharing
ICS Components
ICS Operation and Use
ICS Troubleshooting
ICS Knowledge Base Articles

Windows Personal Web Server v.4.0
Personal Web Server Release Notes
What’s New in PWS
Additional Features Added to PWS
Hardware Requirements

Useful Tools and Other Files
Windows Registry Help and Fixes

Motherboard and Bios Issues
Bios Basics
   Bios Boot Errors
AMI Bios Setup
Award Bios Setup
ESCD Issues
Bios Password Issues
Motherboard Support

Driver and File Guide
Locate Device Drivers and Files
Locate Missing System Files
Locate Missing DLL Files

Tweak UI Versions
Tweak UI for Windows 95 Only!
Tweak UI for Windows NT 4.0 Only!
Tweak UI for Windows 98/98SE Only!
Tweak UI for Windows 95, 98, 98SE, ME, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000

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