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Which Cryptocurrency Has The Highest Volatility? – 2024 Guide

Change is constant. The only predictable thing about our world is its unpredictability. Change is all around us, and to be better said, variability is unprecedented, mainly in a mathematical context. It is important to note that, however, this change can be controlled and sometimes predicted.

For the most part, however, we are all slaves to the changing tides of variable situations. Our financial system has come a long way. We have made extraordinary strides in improving it to the best of our efforts, and we continue to do so.

We started with the barter system of exchange, which was highly flawed, but being the only system in place back then, we had to make do. The barter system gave rise to many problems that would take centuries to rectify and change.

The primary problem was the double wants situation. This was when two parties trying to trade something needed the same thing and hence could not come to a conclusion to make that trade. However, it is essential to realize that these faults and flaws motivate people to change for the better and come up with better alternatives.

Centuries later, we would invent paper money, and the world would change forever. Centuries passed again, we came up with modern computers, and once again, the world changed. One of the more recent revolutions in the world has to be with the invention of cryptocurrencies.

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What Are Cryptocurrencies?

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We’ll make this as simple as possible with a storyline. There was once a person or probably even a group of persons under a false name on the internet called Satoshi Nakamoto, who gave details on creating a unique and new financial instrument that did not have the need for a lot of things we previously had in our system.

One of them was a federal regulatory body that we did not need and the physical need for money. Moreover, it was a financial instrument that worked on a particular type of technology that was unknown and previously not used in finance.

This was called cryptography, and it consisted of software principles that encrypted all the data flowing from one end to another with only the recipient and sender to view them.

So to summarize it, cryptocurrencies are hyper-secure financial instruments that can be traded just like regular money can. It, although, has no trace of a physical presence in the world and only exists virtually.

What Is Volatility?

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Most investments don’t steadily gain money day after day or year after year. Instead, they might rise at some times and fall in price at others. Volatility describes how much an investment zig zags in price or how extreme its price swings are. Higher volatility investments show more substantial, more dramatic price swings. That also makes them higher risk. However, higher volatility investments often have higher returns.

Potential lower volatility investment shows smoother returns and smaller price swings, making them lower risk, but lower volatility investments tend to have a lower returns potential. Cash and savings accounts are very low volatility because they don’t bounce in value.

Bonds can rise or fall in price, making them more volatile than cash, but they’re much less volatile than stocks and riskier investments. Stocks can at times show big prey swings up or down, making them a higher volatility investment, and cryptocurrency can take wild prey swings almost overnight, making it one of the most volatile investment types around.

Volatility In Crypto

Much like stocks and other investments, volatility in crypto price is also broadly similar and works on the same demand and supply laws.

In a world that is as connected as ours currently due to the use of the internet and whatnot, the slightest change in word of mouth can primarily affect stocks and cryptocurrencies, to be honest. We’ll now rank the most volatile cryptocurrencies to exist on the market, starting with the king itself, Bitcoin.

Most Volatile Cryptocurrencies

1. Bitcoin

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The most valued and king of the crypto market, bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency to enter the scene. It has changed the world of finance forever, with the origin being from an unknown person to becoming the most valued cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is the most traded cryptocurrency, which makes it easy to believe that it is also the most volatile. With such high expectations and constant talk, Bitcoin is synonymous with the word cryptocurrency.

People will always refer to Bitcoin as a standard upon which all other coins are judged. It takes the top spot for being the most volatile crypto because it has had exponential growth throughout the last four years.

2. ETH

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ETH, also known as Ethereum, was created by a college graduate named Vitalik Buterin, a Bitcoin enthusiast who wanted to push the boundaries of what a cryptocurrency could do. He built a platform instead for blockchain functions, and it has a beautiful growth structure.

But like everything else, Ethereum also has had a rocky growth in the past few months. The reason for its high volatility is due to its buy and sell tactics, and people do not understand the real potential of this platform. It will likely be this volatile till people understand how important it is for the future.

3. Stellar

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Stellar is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies to come out into the market. Still, as with everything else, it also has its ups and downs and is very likely to be regarded as the third most volatile cryptocurrency on the market.

It is understandable since it increases and dips percentages like it’s nothing. Until the cryptocurrency marginal investors take on a more precedential role in investing, the volatility of this crypto is likely to be the same.

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