AutoIt By Jonathan Bennett


AutoIt is a simple tool that can simulate key presses, mouse movements and window commands (maximize, minimize, wait for, etc.) in order to automate any windows based task (or even windowed DOS tasks).

AutoIt was primarily designed to assist in automatically installing software that cannot be automatically installed by other means. This is most useful during a PC rollout where hundreds or thousands of client machines need to be automatically installed. However, AutoIt is not limited to software installation and can be used to automate most simple windows tasks.

When AutoIt is executed, it reads a specified script file. This script file allows AutoIt to perform a number of functions, these include:

  • Executing programs (Windows applications, DOS commands, etc.)
  • Sending keystrokes and mouse clicks (all characters, keyboard layout independent).
  • Window functions (e.g. minimizing, hiding, restoring, waiting for, activating).
  • Simple text clipboard functions.
  • Simple registry functions.
  • Simple string and variable functions.

Scripts can also be compiled into standalone executables using Aut2Exe.

Best of all, its small (self contained .exe, no DLL’s, no registry entries) and FREE!

There is also an ActiveX control version of AutoIt called AutoItX. This is a stand alone control that can be used to great effect under other scripting languages such as WSH/VBScript.

AutoIt and all related software packages are designed for the Windows 9x,Windows NT 4, Windows 2000 and Windows ME platforms. 

If you are going to be using AutoIt for automating tasks on your own machine, go for the “full” installation. If you will be using AutoIt for PC rollouts and the like and you just want the basic .EXE files, get the “AutoIt Only” Zip version.



AutoIt Full Installation with un-install support. Includes :

  • AutoIt program files, documentation and examples.
  • Aut2Exe Script to executable converter. Convert your scripts to standalone .exe files!
  • AutoItX ActiveX control. (Self registering as part of this installation).

(Note: This installation uses the Microsoft Windows Installer service, if you need this get it here (you will get an error message during AutoIt installation if this is the case). Users of Windows 2000 and Windows ME already have this service. Also, many software products use this and you may have it already installed!)



See the Windows Installer

Non-English documentation (Zipped).

Visit the Documentation Page

AutoIt Script Editor.

Programmed by, and courtesy of Lee Boswell. Please forward all comments and suggestions to Lee directly.

Link to Lee’s web site

Sample Scripts Version 1.8

Version 2.x

Link v.1.8
Link v.2.x

AutoIt Only – Zipped Version


Aut2Exe Only – Zipped Version


AutoItX Only (ActiveX Control) – Zipped Version


If you have a problem with a download link, please notify us.

Download the Microsoft Windows Installer software here.

(This is only required for installing AutoIt if you get an error message during installation mentioning the Windows Installer service! Most people will already have the Windows Installer Service from software such as PaintShopPro 7 and other recent software packages).

Windows 2000 and Windows ME come preloaded with v1.1 of the Windows Installer.

Microsoft Windows Installer


v1.1 for Windows 95 and 98


v1.1 for Windows NT 4


AutoIt is a copyrighted product of Jonathan Bennett © 2000

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