Seven Reasons Why You Need To Buy An Air Compressor For Your Shop

If you think an air compressor can only come in handy when you have a flat tire, you couldn’t be more wrong. From heavy-duty sandblasting to inflating a pool floater, it has some conventional and unconventional use. It might be hard to find an alternative for this versatile tool. Apart from powering various pneumatic tools, an air compressor at hand can make your work more efficient around the shop.

And don’t think an air compressor is an old-school tool compared to your shiny new equipment; while modern tools might have more specialized features, they will fall short when it comes to the multifaceted use of an air compressor. With its clever use, you can save time and be more productive. Want to know how? Here we have listed some of the reasons you need to buy an air compressor.

An Air Compressor Can Help You Swiftly Operate Various Pneumatic Tools

Pneumatic tools are powered by compressed air, and what better source of compressed air you can find other than an air compressor? From nail guns, jackhammers, drills to sanders or grinders, you can power all air-powered tools in your workshop with it.

The working procedure of a pneumatic tool is similar to the mechanics of an inflated balloon. When you make it pop, a huge surge of air comes out of a small hole, creating a strong pressure. In an air compressor air is condensed under high pressure in a chamber and released through a small opening. That creates air pressure and is used to power different tools.

However, as a first-time user, you might find it quite a noisy tool. To find a quieter one, you can visit

You Can Spray Paint Various Surfaces

Spray-painting can be a cakewalk if you have an air compressor. From the car body to the smallest parts, It will ensure even painting and good workmanship. With an airbrush powered by an air compressor, you can undertake industrial size or small-scale paint jobs.

Just make sure you have the right size air pressure for your work. Learning how to control the pressure can be tricky, but once you get the handle of it, you will be surprised by the efficiency it provides.

You Can Undertake High-Pressure Cleaning

An air compressor comes in handy in cleaning, especially if you are cleaning small crevices in an engine, machine or car parts. In fact, without an air compressor, you might find it difficult to reach those parts for cleaning. The small nozzle end creates enough force to drive out dirt, oil clump, and soot from these hidden crevices. The pressure can dislodge even the smallest particles, making it more efficient than simple scrubbing.

However, an air compressor will not only help you with intricate small-scale cleaning; you can also incorporate it into regular cleaning of worktop or shop floors. If you need a quick dusting of the work surface just turn on the air compressor, and you will get a clean surface within minutes.

Use It for Pressure Washing

Washing cars will be a breeze with an air compressor. With the right pressure, you can get the dust off from any surface, metal, or concrete. However, make sure you don’t cross the 2000 PSI pressure limit while washing cars with an air compressor, if the pressure is any higher than that it can damage the paint job. An average pressure between 1200 PSI and 1900 PSI will be most effective for washing a car with an air compressor.

An Air compressor can work similarly to a pressure washer if it is connected with your garden hose; albeit at a much lower pressure. To increase the hose pressure, you can use a pressure washer attachment with the air compressor and garden hose.

Use It for Inflating


Inflating a car tier might be the most obvious reason for an air compressor in your shop. With an air compressor you just need to connect it with the tier valve and set the intended pressure, the tier will inflate in seconds and the compressor will shut off automatically once the tier is filled.

However, even with an air compressor, you might run the risk of over inflation. To reduce the risk of over-inflating the tire, you might want to couple this setup with a regulator and a pressure gauge. This will ensure the tier doesn’t fill out too much too quickly.

Use It for Sandblasting

To remove paint or rust from a surface or simply just to clean it, you might need sandblasting in your shop. With an air compressor, you can easily sandblast various surfaces, from wood, metal to even glass. Air compressor sandblasting is most suitable for surfaces that are prone to damage by moisture from a water sandblaster. There is an air compressor with high CFM built especially for sandblasting purposes.

However, the pressure needed mostly depends on the type of sandblasting you are undertaking. For smaller work 10-20 CFM may suffice, where larger tasks might need 50-100 CFM.

It Can Help You with Auto Repair

An air compressor is like a one-stop solution for almost all types of auto repair. Using air tools is far easier to handle in auto repair than other tools, and you want an air compressor to power these tools for sure. Just think how many hours you will have to spend to remove a simple bolt from a tight space just with a ratchet and a socket.

With an air compressor and air ratchet, you can get it off within seconds, without having to apply any extra force. All you need to do is to fit the air compressor with the right air tools to get the desired and quick result.

The Bottom Line

While we have listed some of the most conventional uses of air compressors here, don’t think its use is limited to only these few. With a little brainstorming and out-of-the-box thinking, you can invent some new ways to use an air compressor. And for this self-experiment, you need to have an air compressor first. If you haven’t got around to buy an air compressor for your shop already, you need to get one immediately. However, before you dash to the hardware store, make sure your chosen air compressor is compatible with the recommended air pressure of your pneumatic tools.

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