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7 Easiest First-Person Shooter Games For Beginners

There’s a learning curve to every video game. You have to play for a while before you become decent at it, and no matter the game, you have to play for quite a long time before you become really good at it. However, there is no denying that some games …

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These Are the Biggest Scandals in the History of Esports

For many years, there has been a controversy about whether eSports is a sport or not. And no matter how different eSports is from classic sport, they are the same in one thing – they are accompanied by big scandals that leave the entire public around them speechless. Could you …

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Online Gaming Resources you Need to Know About – In 2022

Online gaming has never been more popular than it is here in 2022. According to recent statistics from the gaming industry, the usage of online games has increased globally by a total of 14% over the past 12 months, with gamers across the world playing an average of 8 hours …

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