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7 Things all Employers Need to Know About the TN Visa

The needs of the company vary. This means that you, as an employer, may want a worker who is not from the USA. In order to successfully involve others in this process, you need to know everything about getting a TN visa. For example, find out more about the documentation …

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6 Cultural Differences Between US and Japan

Japanese culture is a typical representative of Eastern culture, America is Western culture. In recent years, the cultural exchanges between the two countries have become closer and closer. The comparison of any two cultures will produce a series of distinct cultural differences. Of course, the comparison of American and Japanese …

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Finally, The U.S. Provides COVID-19 Relief for Landlords with Delinquent Mortgages

Renters across the United States have been protected from evictions for more than a year. Many renters have been able to keep their homes, between the federal eviction moratorium and state moratoriums, despite being severely behind on rent. During the last year, property owners have only been slightly protected. Some …

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