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How Far Should Your TV Be From the Couch – 2024 Guide?

Picking the right TV size for your lounge room isn’t similar to figuring out where to sit in a cinema, yet there are surely likenesses. In cinemas, individuals by and large like to sit in a middle way, perhaps somewhat front-of-focus. Studies have shown that the equivalent is valid when …

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5 Brilliant Strategies You Can Implement to Reduce Your Mental Load

It is a good thing that people became more aware of mental conditions and treatments in recent years. Some of the main issues are related to an increased percentage of people who are struggling with depression and anxiety. Many factors are causing these issues, and many of them are related …

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What you Need to know Before Signing in the Rehab Center

Lack of hope in any field of life leads one to a substance use disorder. One door to escape from all the bitter realities of life makes one an addict. The reason for addiction may vary from person to person but, the side effects, aftereffects, and the hardships of withdrawal …

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3 Serious Benefits of Taking Nootropics for Depression

Major depressive disorder is a hugely common condition that affects millions of Americans. This disorder is also known as chronic depression and is currently the leading cause of disability in the United States. What most people don’t understand about depression is that it’s not just caused by stress or fluctuating …

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5 Mental Health Lessons from Bollywood

Bollywood may be best-known for its rich, other-worldly scenes in which beautiful, well-dressed people serenade one another with passionate, hypnotic singing and dancing. But a string of celebrity suicides in recent years has shed light on a tragic, behind-the-scenes reality: the problem of mental illness. It’s an issue that more …

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