When Should you Start taking NMN Supplements – 2024 Guide

NMA supplements have become extremely popular in recent years. This is not so strange to hear since they are providing a range of various benefits that can help improve individual well-being, as well as mental and physical health. Overall performance improvement is guaranteed by taking this type of supplement.

The biggest advantage is the fact that this supplement can boost your energy level, and improve your metabolism, heart, and brain function. However, we are going to talk further about the reasons why you should start taking MNM supplements below in the article. Additionally, we are going to discuss what is the best optimal time to start taking them.

When should you start taking NMN supplements?


Let’s break down the dilemma of what’s the optimal way to take NMN supplements according to your age and when you should start taking them.

The first thing you should know is the fact that the energy level decreasing in your body is linked to hormone production. In general, the peak of hormonal production is at 25, after that, it starts to decrease. However, you can prevent this outcome. Primarily, we want to tell you that it is highly important to lead a healthy lifestyle which will includes regular exercise, an adequate sleeping routine, and a healthy diet. This will keep you feeling energetic.

Unfortunately, we are all leading a very busy lifestyle that is filled with regular stress that comes from our surroundings. Because of that, statistics show that hormonal decline starts around 26-28 years for most people. At some point, we all realize that we are not having the energy to party as we used to, stay up late, or be active for most of the day. What happens is that you start going to sleep earlier, you are feeling tired more often and you are not excited to go on adventures anymore. A good weekend does not include partying or a trip, instead it includes relaxation with some comedy movies at home.


Therefore, you are probably wondering whether you can do something about that and improve your energy level. Luckily for you, conducted research shows that NMN supplements can help you with your problem because they have the function of boosting you. NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) is actually a form of Vitamin B3 that is utilized to synthesize more NAD+. This is one more important molecule that has the function of kicking your sirtuin genes.

If you are younger than 35, the best dose for you is 250mg of NMN supplement daily. After two weeks you can increase it to 500mg. For those over the age of 35, you might start with 500mg, and then raise your dose to 1g.

The best time to take it is every morning, an hour before your breakfast. NMN will help you by maintaining the NAD+ level in your body, which is a very important coenzyme that is part of the myriad cellular processes. One more interesting thing that you should be familiar with is the fact that NAD+ can regulate Circadian rhythms which is the body’s mechanism that has the function of regulating your waking ups and times when you need to go to sleep. Just because of this, it is suggestible to take an NMN supplement in the morning after you wake up. In fact, this supplement will work as a wake-up call for your overall body. Additionally, NAD+ is helping in the process of boosting the activity of the sirtuin genes. More precisely, it works as a substrate for them. We want to reveal to you one more additional trick which refers to taking one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil with the NMN supplement. This will extra boost your anti-aging genes because it includes oleic acid.

Reasons to Start Taking an NMN Supplement While You are Young

In general, the sooner you start taking NMN supplements that are better for you. However, you will not make the mistake of taking them even though you are older since many are using NMN for anti-aging purposes and if you are one of them, check this link to find high-quality NMN supplements. No matter what age you are, your body can only benefit from taking NMN supplements in so many different ways. In general, many studies have been conducted and according to them, we prepared a list of some crucial benefits that you can take advantage of if you decide to start taking them.


NMN supplements are helping in lowering obesity

The good news is that NMN has the ability to stimulate the metabolic system of the person. This can lead to improving the overall body’s ability to turn all the taken food into energy. In that way, the risk of obesity is reduced at a big level. We also want to highlight that it is important to alongside taking supplements of this kind, you still put an effort into leading an active lifestyle and have a healthy diet.

NMN supplements are reducing the risk of heart disease

We are not even aware of the incredible fact that the heart is working 24/7 throughout our whole life. Logically, it produces a high amount of energy, therefore addition in the form of NAD+ will help the heart get extra energy and work effectively. In that way, you will prevent the risk of any type of heart disease and allow your heart to be healthy.

NMN supplements are providing better cognitive function

We can not talk about the benefits of the NMN supplements without mentioning the one regarding their impact on the person’s mental health. More precisely, these supplements can provide a person with better cognitive function, sharpen concentration, and better memory. However, that is not all. The most interesting of all is the fact that NMN supplements can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease occurrence.

NMN supplements are improving fitness and muscle endurance

It is also highly important to know that NAD+ can help our muscle endurance. Our bones as well as the muscles are consuming glucose and fatty acids so they can function in the normal way. Without the NAD+ which we can get from NMN supplements, everything in our body will be slowed down.

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