Top 15 Luckiest People In The World

Even though you can’t be lucky all the time, sometimes it seems like some people were born under the right stars. It’s not fair, of course, but it is what it is. Call it fate, but some people just manage to beat the odds by a long shot. Borgata had a 3.4M win, but that isn’t the only way to feel lucky. One of the ways is to visit

We have gathered luck in every form in our list, from lottery winners to people who cheated death to treasure hunters who found incredible treasure! Some stories seem so unbelievable; you probably won’t believe them. Take a look at these extreme examples of what can happen when lady luck smiles on you.

1. Andrew Jackson


Andrew Jackson was proof that luck can strike more than just once. An attempt on his life went wrong when a would-be assassin tried to shoot him, but his gun misfired. As Jackson began to defend himself, the attacker pulled out a second weapon, but this gun also misfired when squeezing the trigger once more.

Afterward, tests were done on each firearm, with both workings right away. There is a 1 in 125,000 chance that either weapon would malfunction, and Jackson was lucky enough to receive that fate straight after one another.

2. Roy Sullivan


Thunderstorms don’t happen every day, and the chances of being struck by lightning are slim. Roy Sullivan was struck by lightning seven times over 35 years. He survived each strike. According to reports, Sullivan sadly took his own life in 1983 due to a broken heart.

3. Yorgos Kentrotas & Oliver Voutier


A poor farmer living on the island of Milos struck lucky when gathering stones for the farm. Staying on his farm was a French police officer named Voutier. Voutier had noticed that Kentrotas, the poor farmer, had suddenly stopped collecting stones, and to his amazement, unearthed a beautiful greek sculpture. A Venus Milo statue!

4. Orlando Bloom


Throughout his life, Orlando Bloom has had a lot of breaks and pains. The Hollywood star has broken both of his legs and arms. He’s also cracked his nose and skull three times. It’s a lot for anyone making it a miracle to be still standing.

5. Michael Sparks


When out in a local thrift store, Michael Sparks decided to buy a rolled-up copy of the Declaration of Independence for the low price of $2.48. After taking it home, Sparks discovered he had bought one of 35 copies made in 1823 yellowed from the old age. This particular document sold for nearly half a million dollars, making Mike a nice profit.

6. Adolphe Sax


As a baby, Sax came close to death more times than one would believe. The boy fell from a third-story building and hit his head on a rock, drank sulfuric acid, swallowed a needle, was burned by gunpowder, banged his head on a red-hot skillet, nearly drowned in a river, and went to sleep several times surrounded by newly varnished furniture. He could have easily died from inhaling the fumes of fresh varnish.

7. Petko, Pavel, and Michail Deikov


While looking for clay in Bulgaria, three brothers discovered a little more than they initially imagined. In their search, they found intricately decorated ceremonial objects made from gold in the 4th Century BCE. The value of this artifact was priceless, containing more than 13 pounds of gold, a good day looking for clay.

8. Michael Benson and Chris Duddy



Michael Benso and Chris Duddy lost all power when flying a helicopter, throwing themselves out of the sky with a limited chance of survival. Not only did the pair crash, but they hit an active volcano in Hawaii. The guys were lucky to survive, especially being surrounded by hot lava and poisonous fumes for two days before being rescued.

9. Plane Crash Survivor


In Peru, in 1971, a tragic plane crash occurred, killing 91 passengers. However, the flight was holding 92 people meaning there was one survivor. The odds were against her, but after a 9-day trek across the savannah, Juliane Koepcke reached civilization once more.

10. Lost Wedding Ring


After losing her wedding ring 16 years before, Lena Påhlsson had no hope of seeing it ever again until she was out gardening one day in her backyard. After pulling out some vegetables, she found more than she initially bargained for with her 16-year-old lost wedding ring, waiting patiently around a carrot as if it had been there the entire time—a lucky find with lots of sentiment.

11. Lucky Dog Walkers


While walking their dog, two Californians found an old can sticking out of the ground. Intrigued by the can, they decided to take it home. However, after closer inspection, they found the can holding gold pieces inside.

After the discovery, the pair decided to return to the spot they initially found the can and, to their amazement, stumbled across another seven. In total, the couple found more than 1400 coins estimated to be worth over $10 million!

12. Baseball Card Finders


Ty Cobb was a famous baseball player with lots of cards made supporting him. These cards are precious and rare to find, so the family who found seven in their attic couldn’t believe their luck. Overnight they had earned themselves close to $1 million, making their choice to remain anonymous a good one. A single one of these cards is unlikely to be found, so one for every day of the week was terrific for this family.

13. Nuclear Survivor


In 1945 Japan saw the Hiroshima nuclear attack causing deaths and devastation to many people. One of the survivors was worker Tsutomu Yamaguchi. After the attack, he returned to his home in Nagasaki before returning to work on the 9th of August.

Later that day, Yamaguchi’s home city was victim to a second nuclear attack on the country. This was the second time Tsutomu had survived both attacks in a matter of a few days. Subsequently, he became a supporter of nuclear disarmament, sharing his story.

14. Frane Selak


Frane Selak is a true survivor. He managed to escape death after a train crash into a lake, a plane crash, a river bus crash, a shooting, and an attempt on his own life. This man was both lucky and unlucky in his own mind having failed to commit suicide, but the odds fell back in his favour a few years later with a 1 million dollar lottery win.

15. Kevin Hillier


From the beginning of their invention, people have used metal detectors to scour beaches and baron land to hunt for treasures. Kevin Hillier was one of the lucky few who managed to strike lucky, finding the largest gold nugget ever discovered. The nugget was valued at close to $1 million, making Hillier much more wealthy than when he woke up that day.

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