Intel CPU Identification

Processor Identification
Processor Package Form Factors

There are five form factors for Pentium® III, Pentium II, and Intel® Celeron™ processors: S.E.P., S.E.C.C., S.E.C.C.2, FC-PGA, and the PPGA form factor. These five form factors are illustrated below along with a brief explanation of how to easily identify them.

S.E.P. Form Factor

Boxed processors in the S.E.P. form factor are not completely covered by the blackplastic shrouding like the S.E.C.C.and S.E.C.C.2 form factors are. The substrate(circuit board) is visible from the bottom side.

S.E.C.C. Form Factor

Boxed processors in the S.E.C.C. form factor have a plastic shroud covering with an active heatsink and fan. The best way to identify this package form factor is by the goldfinger contacts – on a S.E.C.C. form factor, they are seated inside of the plastic housing.

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