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Optimizing Social Media Profiles: Best Practices for Maximum Impact and Discoverability

Social media has had a tremendous impact on the modern world, drastically altering the way in which people communicate and interact with one another. It has become the go-to source for discovering and sharing information, providing immense opportunities to those seeking online recognition. For businesses or personal brands looking to …

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How Covid-19 Affected Students

COVID-19 is a contagious illness caused by a novel coronavirus. It is highly contagious and can cause severe respiratory illness with symptoms such as fever, coughing, and difficulty breathing. COVID-19 has spread rapidly worldwide and caused a global health emergency. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the …

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6 Ways The Covid-19 Pandemic Has Affected The Cryptocurrency Market

The corona virus has impacted almost all sectors including the crypto market. However, the effects observed are a bit different from the other sectors. Although the financial sector has been equally impacted, the crypto market has seen a rise in these turbulent times, which was a bit astonishing for investors, …

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