5 Ways A PMP Certification Can Boost Your Salary And Career

Living in a business world, every single one of us is fighting for a chance to prove how much we are worth and what skills we have. Throughout our lives, we study, take courses and work on ourselves in order to get a much better chance in this modern world. Of course, doing so can get tough, and many people have already faced or are yet to face that feeling of not getting the job or some promotion even though you are sure that you are a much better candidate or employee just because someone else has a better or higher degree. That is why that constant work on ourselves is a must, and as long as we enhance our knowledge and skills, only the sky is the limit.

1. Key Principles For Success In Life and Business


Of course, just like some universities are more favorable than others, or just like some sports teams are much more valued than others, the same principle is applied here, in the business world. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get a better chance at your dream job. Furthermore, salary also has a huge role in our lives, and even if you are not a materialist, you must agree that money really makes the world go round.

We all want to get a big check at the end of the month, as with a good salary comes comfortability, and with comfortability comes planning your life without having to look in your pocket or bank account that often. That, and the possibility to have a much better career, are the two most basic business principles, and the fact that one goes with another can make our lives much easier, but only if we know where and what to look for.

One of the best ways to ensure you get a great salary and an even better career is to get a PMP certification. It is an internationally accepted certificate given by the Project Management Institute. This piece of paper can really do wonders for your career, so let’s check the five most important ways a PMP certification can boost your salary and career.

1. Adding value to every company

This one should go without saying as, from the company’s point of view, hiring people with this certificate helps them boost their overall looks in the community. Namely, people with PMP certifications are truly respected in every company they decide to work for because they add value and make it look more professional and reliable. It is expected that project managers have great skills, and because of that, big companies respect them and want to hire them to improve their work. Their skills help them to handle every possible problem and to organize teams in order to achieve goals. It is crucial for a company’s proper working, and project managers can do it without too much effort and what is even more important for the company, without too many resources. It is a win-win combination for both the company and employees with this certificate as they both get a much better reputation and business image.

2. Improved skills


Understandably, since people with this certificate are so highly ranked, it’s not like just anyone could get it, meaning that some hard work and time are needed in order to get your PMP certification. If you think that it is easy to get a PMP certification, we need to disappoint you because getting it means you need to improve the skills and get them to the next level. It is necessary to spend hours learning and reading many materials to make sure that you are prepared for the exam. Besides that, it is necessary to pass some serious training, coursework, research, and practice in order to learn how to handle problems without help. The exam will check all the necessary skills, and it is not possible to get a certificate if they are not on a high level. If you are one of those people who are nervous when they do not know what to expect of an exam, click here for more, and you will see how it can look like and practice for it.

3. Better job opportunities

Once we improve our skills and get our PMP certificate, things become much easier for us. We have much more job opportunities because there are meetings that we can attend as PMP certificate holders and find out about new job options. Besides that, we can choose among various job positions because our certificate allows us to work at any position related to project management. These courses teach us how to handle different problems and adapt to any new situation, which is crucial for every company. Because of that, companies are always searching for certified managers, and that means we can look around and choose the best option for us. We do not need to hurry and accept a less-paid job because there is always some open position for people with such amazing skills.

4. Adding credibility


Sometimes we cannot get a job, no matter how skilled we are, and the reason for that can be not having proof of our skills. We can make a perfect resume, be assured that we are the perfect candidate for some position, but no one wants to hire us. Having a PMP certification can change things and make it much easier for us because it can add credibility to our skills and make our resume looks much reliable and trustworthy. Employers look at this certificate as proof of our professionalism, skills, and abilities, and each of them wants to hire a professional to help their company reach its goals.

5. Higher salary

Yes, this is one of the most important things that comes with this certificate. We will not say anything new by mentioning that those with PMP certificates have a higher salary, but how much? Well, by some research, those who are certificated have a much better chance at that 5% extremely high paid jobs, and as for the money, if you get a PMP certificate, you will get a salary that is 20% higher than those without this certificate. It is simple math and a reason more to apply and take some time to obtain this powerful tool.

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