Norton Internet Security

Norton Internet Security* provides essential Internet protection for your home PC with a complete, integrated security and privacy suite. If you use the Internet, you can’t afford to be without the protection of Norton Internet Security. Norton Internet Security Family Edition is a rich collection of programs providing key tools …

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Reviewing Microsoft's Windows Millennium Edition

Continuing our review of Microsoft’s Windows Millennium Edition.. Another of Microsoft’s major overhauls is that of Networking, and the addition of the Home Networking Wizard… As we mentioned earlier in this review, the move into the 21st Century has brought with it a tremendous increase not only in the number …

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Microsoft Data Access Component MDAC Release Manifests

MDAC Release Manifests In response to customer feedback, new releases of the Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) and the MDAC Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) will include a release manifest. Eventually, manifests for former releases will also be generated. Their purpose is to relate important details specific to each release. Each …

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Intel Enhanced BIOS

Intel Desktop Boards use an enhanced BIOS specifically designed and tested for each individual board and it’s features. Our dedicated internal BIOS development team is continually incorporating the latest technologies. In addition, each BIOS undergoes extensive platform testing in three different Intel evaluation labs in order to deliver superior quality. …

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Testing the Windows Millennium Edition Installation

(Preliminary – Continued) Pentium III 733EB with Intel OR840 Chipset: This machine is one of our latest custom workstations, and it utilizes the latest of the Intel motherboard chipsets, the OR840 with dual processor support. Without getting into infinite details, this machine is no slouch as it couples an Intel …

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Intel Memory Translator Hub ID Utility

Intel® Memory Translator Hub (MTH) Reboot Issue Intel® MTH ID Utility (Windows* Version) The Intel® MTH ID Utility has been designed to allow any user with an Intel processor based-system to test for the presence of a Memory Translator Hub (MTH) component on your system. If an MTH component is …

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