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Pros and Cons of Paying with Cryptocurrencies

For purchasing products and services, cryptocurrency is a viable alternative to traditional methods of exchange. People may now use digital currencies to make everyday payments via mobile wallets, QR codes, and even cryptocurrency debit cards, much like they can execute with fiat money. However, there are also disagreements on whether …

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How to Pay for College Without Taking Out Student Loans

Many students leave college with $20k, $30k, or even $100k or more in student loan debt. And even with a high-paying job directly out of school, it can take years to pay off these loans and move on with your life. But what if there were a better way? The …

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How To Make A Pay Stub in 3 Easy Steps

Federal law in the US doesn’t mandatory require every US state contractor to provide employees with a pay stub every time they get their monthly check. But doing so ensures transparency and safety for various reasons. For starters, it prevents mistakes and contractors from taking advantage of their employee’s earnings. …

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