6 Most Reliable Bookmakers in the World – In 2024

With technological advances and the shift from the traditional way of betting to the online version, bookmakers are starting to rapidly expand their circle of users. The high popularity of online betting has resulted in a large number of web bookmakers and given users a wide choice of locations from which they can choose the one that suits them best.

Today, in the sea of ​​such web bookmakers, it is very difficult to distinguish reliable from unreliable ones. This is a particularly difficult task for all new users who need to opt for one of the options offered but do not know what factors to consider to determine reliability. Fortunately, a lot of information is available on the Internet. First, make sure that the one you want to choose has good reviews and good ratings on forums and sites. Also, don’t trust unrealistic offers like multiple bonuses. If you notice strange offers and come across bad comments from previous users, keep looking elsewhere. The worst thing you can do is register on a site you are not well informed about and leave personal information.

First, you can click here for some reliable information, and then read this article to the end if you want to find out which are the most reliable bookmakers in the world for 2024.

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This bookmaker is one of the largest market leaders in the world. When it comes to betting, a variety of sports are available, ranging from the most popular football to many other sports, depending on your interests. Also, it is possible to participate before the broadcast, but also during the broadcast of sports competitions, live. Through this platform, you can follow the broadcast of the most popular global sports leagues.

Each user is obliged to adhere to the prescribed general conditions. There are many different functions available, which are combined within a well-designed interface and a practical portal that allows easy navigation. Also, technical problems are very rare, which is a big advantage over some competing platforms that have approximately the same number of users.

2. 22Bet


22Bet has international status and thanks to good promotion, this bookmaker has managed to expand the circle of users around the world. 22Bet was launched in Cyprus and is rapidly expanding its reach across some major African countries. The ambassadors are former football players, which additionally influenced the easier and faster gaining of popularity in the world.

There is a very wide range of offers when it comes to events during the month that competitors can bet on, as well as a range of different sports and additional bets. You can always find something interesting for yourself, regardless of whether your favorite is tennis, basketball, or some other sport from the rich offer. Also on offer are cricket and horse racing.

You can also have this platform on any mobile device, thanks to optimized applications for different types of operating systems. This way you can monitor the outcome of the bet even when you aren’t able to be in front of the computer. 22Bet is one of those that have accepted cryptocurrencies as a method of payment, in addition to many standard payment methods.

3. Coral


Another platform that deserves the trust of users, as evidenced by the many years of its existence, is Coral. Coral was created in Great Britain at the beginning of the 20th century and already has a long tradition behind it, which speaks volumes about its reliability. The licensee is the British Gambling Commission, but there are other holders in other countries in the world.

Your data that you leave on the online bookmaker is encrypted and protected from any misuse. Thanks to their cooperation with IBAS, all possible disputes can be resolved. But, thanks to the reliability and fair rules that both administrators and users adhere to, controversial situations rarely happen.

Thanks to a long tradition and a good reputation, users often opt for this bookmaker because they feel they can have confidence.

4. Unibet


If you come from the world of betting, you are probably already familiar with the name Unibet. This global brand has long gained the trust of users and ranks among the most reliable in the world. Holders of their licenses are deployed in various locations around the world, starting with the Gambling Commission in Great Britain, and then in other places in Europe, America, and Australia.

Their motto is fair play and that is what they are guided by in their work, which they have shown all these years of existence. Also, high technical efficiency is provided, which means that you will rarely have technical problems. User data protection is one of the main priorities and in this case a special technology is applied.

The platform gives its contribution to the global environmental policy, which is clearly emphasized by the prominent green colors on the site.


Source: is also one of the oldest online bookmakers with a long tradition. Today, it ranks high among market leaders and has made great strides compared to 1997 when it was launched. Initially, the site was dedicated to poker and casino, but later introduced the possibility of sports betting. This branch has been around for 11 years and has gained great popularity among users.

Users have access to a wide range of different sports, of which there are about 40 on offer. Each user can choose the appropriate one according to their interests. You will surely find in the offer what you like the most. This platform follows all the biggest sporting events and offers various promotions and bonuses. There are many reasons why could be your choice.

6. Ladbrokes


We mentioned earlier that Corel has a large number of licensees all over the world. Also, this bookmaker has partnered with Ladbrokes, which has since been ranked even better on the list of the most reliable and best online bookmakers. Their relationship with users is very responsible and serious and all information on data protection, security, as well as the business policy is generally available and transparent to all.

When you have no experience with online betting, it is difficult to decide on the most reliable bookmaker and be sure that you have avoided some scams or risky situations. We hope that this list of the best on a global level will help you choose the one that suits you best.

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