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Simple Things We Can Do To Protect The Earth

Plastic is indeed a very useful material that could help to cater to our needs due to its convenience, affordable to mass-produce, and easily thrown away after one-time use. However, as the days passed by we realized that though it is very easy to produce a huge amount of plastic …

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Can You Leave Your Patio Furniture Out All Year Round

Winter is slowly approaching, which is probably why you’ve started making some preparations. So, you’ve covered all the faucets located in your backyard, you’ve drained your hose and placed it in your shed, and besides the rake, you’ve most likely stored all your gardening tools. However, what should you do …

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What Are Rubber Stoppers & What Are They Used For?

If you attended your chemistry classes regularly then you must have come across rubber stoppers during your high school days, and even if you skipped a class or two the probability that you have encountered these useful rubber gadgets somewhere else is major. Joke aside, but the rubber stoppers are …

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