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5 Interesting Facts About Usher Syndrome

Many people have never heard of Usher syndrome but some percentage of the population is already suffering through it. This disease can inherit from parents to their children. Let us understand what is it and some interesting facts about it. First of all, it is a genetic syndrome that causes …

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Common Symptoms and Treatment of Diabetes

Diabetes – Symptoms and treatment Diabetes is comparatively a new generation disease as the name is familiar only in recent years. It is characterized by abnormal blood sugar levels. The blood can be tested before or after the meals or take a random value. Normal values are already known to …

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Special Diets That Fight Disease – 2024 Guide

Having a proper nutrition plan is crucial for our health. However, a lot of people are not paying enough attention to their diet, which can lead to obesity, along with various diseases. The main issue of modern society is related to fast-food restaurants available on every corner. Also, we can …

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