Windows Millennium Edition

(Known Issues and Other Important Information)

This is a listing of the known issues that have surface thus far in the Windows Millennium Edition. It takes anywhere from 5 to 14 days for an issue to surface in the Microsoft Knowledge Base, therefore we will try and update this information as quickly as reasonably possible.

1 Support WebCast: Network Diagnostics in Windows Millennium Edition
2 Support WebCast: Network Diagnostics in Windows Millennium Edition
3 Support WebCast: Description and Overview of Windows Movie Maker
4 Q118335 - Maximum Partition Size Using FAT16 File System
5 Q125174 - Explanation of Error Codes Generated by Device Manager
6 Q127156 - How to Print Device Manager Contents to a Text File
7 Q130073 - How to Decrease Logon Time to Internet Providers
8 Q121319 - Missing Display Options in Display Property Sheet
9 Q126565 - Quick Time for Windows Has Problems with S3 Video Chip Set
10 Q133240 - Troubleshooting Device Conflicts with Device Manager
11 Q130330 - Missing Settings After Disabling the User Profiles Option
12 Q127970 - Load Failures Listed in the Bootlog.txt File
13 Q137361 - Save Password Check Box Is Unavailable
14 Q135197 - Damaged Password List File Does Not Save Passwords
15 Q141460 - How to Install Remote Administration Services
16 Q134700 - Internet Provider Sign-in Screen Appears with Winsock Program
17 Q138708 - Function of the Windows 32-Bit Message Server
18 Q139710 - How to Enable Dial-Up Networking Server Capabilities
19 Q146418 - Free System Resources Do Not Return to Previous Value
20 Q133733 - Icons Displayed Incorrectly in Control Panel
21 Q146440 - Screen Saver Does Not Start Even Though System Is Idle
22 Q138598 - Disk Drive or CD-ROM Access Light Blinks Every Few Seconds
23 Q139806 - Err Msg: MMSYSTEM266 The Device Could Not Be Loaded...
24 Q156435 - How to Interpret the Ppplog.txt File
25 Q149648 - Description of Control Panel (.cpl) Files
26 Q139952 - Slower Modem Speed Reported After Upgrading Windows
27 Q148925 - Dial-Up Networking Password Is Not Saved
28 Q156826 - How to Disable and Delete User Profiles
29 Q166832 - Err Msg: Cannot Find a Device File That May Be Needed to Run...
30 Q178084 - Error Message: MPREXE Not Responding
31 Q188415 - Computer Hangs During Hardware Detection or on First Restart
32 Q184068 - Description of Software Modems
33 Q189255 - Error Message: Invalid DHCP Lease
34 Q187727 - Cannot Resume Monitor Turned Off By Advanced Power Management
35 Q182628 - How to Disable PCI Bus IRQ Steering in Windows
36 Q179644 - Policy That Disables MS-DOS Prompt Disables All MS-DOS Programs
37 Q181966 - System Configuration Utility Advanced Troubleshooting Settings
38 Q181501 - Cannot Browse Network Neighborhood or My Network Places Using a Dial-Up Connection
39 Q194709 - Cannot View Computer Resources Using Direct Cable Connection
40 Q197144 - Cannot Use CabView Tool to View Contents of Cabinet Files
41 Q195241 - Universal Serial Bus Devices May Not Work in Safe Mode
42 Q193912 - Restart or Network Connection Changes Computer Date and Time
43 Q196158 - How to Create a Text File List of the Contents of a Folder
44 Q191874 - ErrMsg: VMM32.VXD: Missing/Unable to Load
45 Q195268 - How to Obtain BIOS Information from the Registry
46 Q198178 - Long File Names Lost After Copying or Moving Files
47 Q191882 - "Desktop As Shortcut" Command Is Missing from the "Send To" Menu
48 Q196482 - How to Copy Your Existing Favorites to a Different Computer
49 Q194990 - Vserver.vxd File Not Found When You Start Your Computer
50 Q195933 - Cannot Disable Task Scheduler
51 Q216204 - Intel Pentium or Celeron CPU Identified Incorrectly
52 Q216302 - Changes to Your Computer Not Saved After Incorrect Shut Down
53 Q218632 - Invalid Page Fault Starting WordPad or Paint
54 Q245111 - No Old Password Is Visible in the Old Password Box When You Try to Change Your Domain Password
55 Q253212 - How to Prevent "Shortcut to" Prefix from Being Added to New Shortcuts
56 Q250082 - Canceling Setup During File Copy Process Continues to Copy Files over LAN Connection
57 Q229158 - Error Message After Logging on to Virtual Private Network
58 Q240196 - Win386.swp File Is Moved When You Set a Custom Virtual Memory Size
59 Q250404 - Description of HKEY_CURRENT_USER Registry Subkeys
60 Q235618 - General Protection Fault in Module Dibeng.dll
61 Q253521 - INFO: OpenGL Drivers
62 Q250530 - Description of the Subkeys Contained in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Enum Registry Key
63 Q250534 - Description of Plug and Play Components within the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Enum\Bios Subkey
64 Q250448 - Description of Typical Services Registry Keys Under Hkey_Local_Machine
65 Q250447 - Description of Typical Control Subkeys of the HKLM Registry Key
66 Q250649 - Description of the Modem Settings Key in the Windows Registry
67 Q253671 - Description of Device Drivers
68 Q250662 - Description of the TCP/IP Registry Entries in the MSTCP\ServiceProvider Subkey
69 Q253676 - Description and Explanation of a Cabinet File
70 Q253774 - Common Questions About the FAT32 File System
71 Q232509 - Syntax for the RunOnceEx Registry Key
72 Q253912 - "Out of Memory" Error Messages with Large Amounts of RAM Installed
73 Q229829 - Internet Connection Sharing Is Not Set Up Correctly
74 Q242450 - How to Query the Microsoft Knowledge Base Using Keywords
75 Q256956 - How to Save and Use the Accessibility Wizard Settings File
76 Q247485 - Description of Troubleshooting Settings for File System Properties
77 Q250931 - You Are Unable to Start a Program with an .exe File Extension
78 Q249873 - Explanation of Regsvr32 Usage and Error Messages
79 Q229971 - Both Client and Host Require Logon for ICS to Function
80 Q258471 - Error Message: The Following File Is Missing or Corrupted: C:\Windows\Ifshlp.sys
81 Q259150 - Cannot Delete Windows System Files or Files That Are In Use
82 Q259161 - Computer Speed and Performance Decreases
83 Q259252 - How to Copy Files and Programs from a CD-ROM to a Hard Disk
84 Q258773 - How to Enable Universal Serial Bus (USB) Support
85 Q259279 - Error Message: Runtime Error 216
86 Q271194 - Web Tab Is Missing from Display Properties
87 Q264384 - Duplicate Web Page Title on ToolTip When Copying URL Shortcut to Desktop
88 Q261285 - Enabling Connection to Remote Computer in Msinfo32
89 Q262387 - Cannot Toggle the CAPS LOCK or SHIFT LOCK Key
90 Q265364 - Certificate Authenticity Warning Appears When You View Htmlhlp.htm
91 Q262766 - Taskbar Size Not Reinstated After Turning Off High Contrast Feature
92 Q260737 - "Access Code" Error Message Printing to Networked Printer
93 Q87165 - Command-Line Switches for MSCDEX.EXE
94 Q267696 - "Error Processing Folder in Recycle Bin" Message When Using Norton CleanSweep 4.5
95 Q267681 - Browsing Web Folders Through My Network Places Takes You to My Computer, Not Back to My Network Places
96 Q272982 - Shuffle Feature Does Not Work with Playlists Created in Nullsoft Winamp
97 Q128129 - Windows 95/98/Me System Tray Icons
98 Q141017 - How to Add Items to the "Send To" List
99 Q150532 - Hard Disk Errors Caused by Damaged Data or Physical Damage
100 Q142899 - How to Configure HyperTerminal to Answer Incoming Calls
101 Q187611 - LoadPowerProfile Starts Twice When You Start Your Computer
102 Q185753 - No Network Connectivity on TCP/IP-Based Network
103 Q192323 - Cannot Open Network Tool in Control Panel
104 Q186978 - Disk Defragmenter: "Drive's Contents Have Changed: Restarting.."
105 Q195710 - Direct Cable Connection Does Not Start
106 Q194536 - Error Message: Invalid VxD Dynamic Link Call from VNBT(01)...
107 Q199346 - Disable File and Printer Sharing for Additional Security
108 Q203795 - Computer Stops Responding When You Play Very Large .wav Files
109 Q218160 - Disk Defragmenter Hangs After Choosing Disk to Defragment
110 Q233150 - Microsoft Chat 2.5 Is Not Displayed on the Install/Uninstall Tab
111 Q230140 - Only One Internet Connection Sharing Host Is Required on a LAN
112 Q243075 - How to Troubleshoot Network Printing Problems
113 Q245162 - Cannot Access Hard Disk After Booting from Floppy Disk
114 Q245436 - How To Determine Your Hard Disks Cluster Size
115 Q240443 - DHCP Service in ICS Does Not Assign IP Address to LAN Adapter
116 Q250663 - Description of the TCP/IP Registry Entries in the NetTrans Subkey
117 Q229842 - Using Internet Connection Sharing with User Profiles
118 Q252978 - How to Delete the Recent List of Network Connections
119 Q229890 - Time-Out Errors Sending Web Page Requests to an ICS Host
120 Q258860 - How to Remove Programs from the "Open With" List
121 Q263045 - Format Displays Size of Partitions or Logical Drives Larger Than 64 GB Incorrectly
122 Q269585 - StretchBlt()/StretchDIBits() Fails When Bitmap Sizes Differ Greatly
123 Q264397 - Multiple Display Not Working with Matrox G400 DualHead Display Adapter
124 Q260290 - Error Message When Trying to Preview Sounds with the Sound Tool in Control Panel
125 Q271808 - How to Remove Entries from the Archived List of Search for Files and Folders Requests
126 Q267794 - Recently Saved Files May Not Remain in the My Documents Folder
127 Q273858 - Volume Settings Revert After You Restart Your Computer
128 Q263778 - Problems Docking or Undocking When Computer Is in Hibernation Mode
129 Q73713 - MS-DOS Error Msg: Unable to Control A20 Line
130 Support WebCast: Windows Millennium Edition Setup
131 Support WebCast: Home Networking in Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition
132 Support WebCast: Real Mode Removal in Windows Millennium Edition
133 Support WebCast: System File Protection
134 Support WebCast: USB Content Security
135 Q261680 - Error Message Occurs When Attempting to Use System Restore
136 Q153102 - Dial-Up Networking Server Always Answers After One Ring
137 Q142745 - How to Use Sound Recorder to Change Compression Settings
138 Q140752 - How to Change Fonts and Colors of Desktop Items
139 Q140791 - How to Create a Ppplog.txt File
140 Q132882 - Computer Hangs Copying Data from CD-ROM Drive
141 Q185358 - Computer Hangs When You Disconnect Dial-Up Networking Connection
142 Q192803 - "Fatal Exception 0D" Using ATI All-in-Wonder Pro Video Adapter
143 Q213166 - Modem Detected on Wrong COM Port on Acer Aspire
144 Q230108 - ICS Does Not Disconnect When You Are Finished Using the Internet
145 Q230112 - How to Disable Internet Connection Sharing
146 Q230116 - Slow Transfer Rates with ICS and High-Bandwidth Devices
147 Q230206 - Err Msg: The Page Cannot Be Displayed
148 Q227172 - Your Computer Restarts Before ICS Wizard Is Set Up Completely
149 Q229154 - Err Msg: Your Computer Does Not Have Enough Free Memory to Defrag the Drive
150 Q230148 - How to Change the IP Range for the ICS DHCP Service
151 Q230150 - How to Configure a Permanent IP Address for Network Devices
152 Q230070 - TCP/IP Must Be Bound to All Adapters Connecting ICS Host to the LAN
153 Q241255 - Error Message in Internet Connection Sharing Adapter Properties in Device Manager
154 Q248341 - Cannot View Properties of All Desktop Icons
155 Q242512 - Error Message: Explorer Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module Macxw4.drv
156 Q232728 - Computer May Be Unable to Start Standby Mode
157 Q253680 - Definition and Description of a Pixel
158 Q253688 - How to Choose Your Own Extension Saving a WordPad Document
159 Q221946 - Availability of the Microsoft Libraries Update
160 Q229965 - Files Installed with Internet Connection Sharing
161 Q229882 - Delay in Assigning IP Addresses from an ICS Host Computer
162 Q258560 - Safe Recovery Not Offered After Failed Installation
163 Q258583 - How to Open a File Without Its Associated Program Starting Automatically
164 Q258809 - How to Open a Downloaded File
165 Q269020 - Cleanmgr.exe Adds Incorrect Error Entry to Schedlog.txt File
166 Q267528 - URL Icons Are Not Displayed in the Category List in Go!Zilla 3.5
167 Q265244 - Error Message in Mshtml.dll While You Browse the Internet
168 Q267591 - Internet Games Are Not Uninstalled Correctly
169 Q267768 - Tooltip Information Is Not Displayed Correctly
170 Q266814 - ALT+HOME Does Not Work in Scheduled Tasks
171 Q263455 - Anti-Virus Tools Cannot Clean Infected Files in the _Restore Folder
172 Q266765 - How to Prevent the Registry Editor from Saving the Last Visited Location
173 Q263756 - Error Message: Emergency Disk Wizard: Some of the Required System File Are Missing. Please Format the...
174 Q264564 - Scanner and Camera Wizard Displays "No Scanner or Camera Has Been Detected" Error Message
175 Q263698 - Internet Connection Sharing Disconnects After Five Minutes
176 Q264486 - Error Message When You Close a Word 2000 Document
177 Q264597 - "Following Files Cannot Be Found..." Error Message When You Install Logitech QuickCam Program
178 Support WebCast: Windows Millennium Edition Shell
179 Support WebCast: IEEE 1394 in Windows Millennium Edition
180 Support WebCast: USB in Windows Millennium Edition
181 Q141229 - How to Use the NET VIEW Command to View Shared Resources
182 Q193587 - Cannot Use Direct Cable Connection with IR LPT Port
183 Q206621 - Quicktime .mov Files Do Not Load with QuickTime Version 2.1.2
184 Q250031 - Phone Dialer Is Displayed Without Numbers in "High Contrast Black" Scheme
185 Q239109 - Cannot Use VPN with Telephone Company-Return Cable Modem or Satellite Modem
186 Q253241 - Fatal Exception 0E When Shutting Down Using a Matrox Video Adapter
187 Q238073 - Err Msg: DPAL Error Abnormal Parameter Passed File .\Hdlc.c at Line 550
188 Q256248 - My Network Places "Net Crawler" Functionality
189 Q256084 - VServer Cannot Bind When You Disconnect and Reconnect a USB Network Adapter
190 Q241239 - Cannot Establish Multilink Connection Using Multiple 3Com PCI WinModems
191 Q256196 - Desktop Icons May Be Rearranged After You Boot into Safe Mode
192 Q253373 - No Network Adapter Listed When Using Internet Connection Sharing Wizard
193 Q232743 - Cannot Apply Folder Customization Globally
194 Q250102 - Comment Added to Folder May Not Be Displayed Without Enabling Web View
195 Q229151 - CU-SeeMe Internet Conferencing Does Not Work Using ADSL
196 Q230355 - ICS Icon May Take Up to 15 Minutes to Update Number of Connections
197 Q232487 - Description of the RunOnceEx Registry Key
198 Q250150 - Network Adapter Driver Is Not Recognized by Add New Hardware Wizard
199 Q250159 - 3dfx TV Tab Is Missing in Display Properties
200 Q256254 - Dual-Monitor Dial-Up Networking Icon Turns Yellow
201 Q126671 - Windows Overwrites Linux Boot Manager
202 Q125480 - Windows Setup Was Unable to Update Your System Files
203 Q250214 - Windows Millennium Setup Stops Responding at 100 Percent During the Install Wizard
204 Q232142 - Troubleshooting "Invalid Product Key" Error Message During Setup
205 Q248646 - Windows Millennium Setup Creates a Flat Folder Containing Cabinet Files
206 Q248649 - Setup Error Message When Attempting to Upgrade a Computer with a Compressed Drive
207 Q254953 - Error Message: Setup Does Not Have Enough Conventional Memory to Check Your Computers Hard Disks
208 Q272086 - Windows Millennium Edition Setuptip.txt File Contents
209 Q271240 - Windows Millennium Edition Setup.txt File Contents
210 Q262148 - Contents and Function of the Home Networking Wizard Setup Disk
211 Q272156 - Tips Before Purchase, Setup and After Setup of Windows Millennium Edition (Me)
212 Q262227 - Description of the Home Networking Wizard in Windows Millennium Edition
213 Q266068 - Philips 665 Vesta USB Camera Cannot Be Installed on Windows Millennium Edition
214 Q268980 - Error Message When You Upgrade to Windows Me: "The Following File Is Missing or Corrupt"
215 Q261824 - Setup Skips Startup Disk Creation If Floppy Disk Drive Is Not Present or Is Disabled
216 Q268891 - How to Troubleshoot Windows Millennium Edition Setup
217 Q69013 - FDISK /MBR Rewrites the Master Boot Record
218 Q133285 - SCSI Setup & Basic SCSI Troubleshooting in Windows
219 Q248643 - Error Message When Upgrading from Windows 3.x to Windows Millennium Edition
220 Q257768 - Unable to Uninstall Microsoft Plus! 98 After Upgrade to Windows Millennium Edition
221 Q270593 - "Error SU0325" When Windows Me Setup Is 10 Percent Complete
222 Q88363 - How to Change Name and Company After Windows Installation
223 Windows Millennium Edition Setup Error Messages
224 Windows Millennium Edition Setup Frequently Asked Questions
225 Windows Millennium Edition Setup How To Page
226 Support WebCast: Real Mode Removal in Windows Millennium Edition
227 Q141306 - How to Enable Support for Multiple Languages in Windows
228 Q192046 - Choppy Sound or No Sound Using WDM Drivers
229 Q256300 - USB Input Devices Do Not Work in Safe Mode or Real Mode
230 Q254470 - How to Mount Fixed-Disk Compressed Volume After Upgrading to Windows Millennium Edition
231 Q254942 - "Not Enough Disk Space" Error Message When You Upgrade to Windows Millennium Edition
232 Q262214 - Windows Millennium Edition Tips.txt File Contents
233 Q272159 - How to Uninstall Windows Millennium
234 Q127851 - Problems Accessing FAT16 Drives Larger Than 2 GB
235 Q271673 - Windows Millennium Edition Cleanhd.txt File Contents
236 Q269792 - Windows Millennium Edition Pssutil.txt File Contents
237 Q262906 - Windows Millennium Edition Programs.txt File Contents
238 Q183887 - Description of the Windows Registry Checker Tool (Scanreg.exe)
239 Q129605 - How to Extract Original Compressed Windows Files
240 Q271674 - Windows Millennium Edition Intl.txt File Contents
241 Q262923 - Windows Millennium Edition Faq.txt File Contents
242 Q262920 - Windows Millennium Edition Hardware.txt File Contents
243 Q262924 - Windows Millennium Edition Display.txt File Contents
244 Q126855 - Windows Support for Large IDE Hard Disks
245 Q262921 - Windows Millennium Edition General.txt File Contents
246 Q262910 - Windows Millennium Edition Printers.txt File Contents


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