Upgrading from a Beta Version
of Windows 2000

We have provided the following with the hopes that you will be able to achieve a successful upgrade from a Beta release of Windows® 2000.

If you have installed a pre-release version of Windows® 2000, consisting of any one of the following: Windows 2000 Beta 3, Windows 2000 Release Candidate 1 (RC1), 2 (RC2), or 3 (RC3), you will need to make sure that you are at the least running RC2 or RC3 before attempting the upgrade. The following steps will assist you with your upgrade to the released version of Windows 2000.

Before you begin the upgrade:

  • Read the release notes.

    Read the release notes in the root directory of the Windows 2000 CD-ROM: (the Read1st.txt file), as well as the Readme.doc, especially the "Application Notes" section which has information about programs that need to be disabled or removed before running Setup.

  • Determine whether you need to do an upgrade or a new installation.

    Under certain circumstances, although you may have a beta version of Windows 2000 running perfectly, you may prefer to do a new installation (or "clean install"), rather than an upgrade. By installing the operating system from scratch, you place the operating system in a known clean state and avoid migrating any problems that may have existed in the previous configuration. Obviously, a new installation requires reformatting your hard disk, so you must back up your data, install Windows 2000, reinstall your applications, and then reload your data from backup.

    If you determine that you can and want to do an upgrade, follow the remaining steps listed below.

    If you determine that you need to perform a new installation, please refer to the resources found at this link for performing a Clean Installation of Windows 2000.

  • Make sure that you have Release Candidate 2 or later installed.

    Microsoft recommends that in order to provide the most trouble free transition from a pre-release version (RC-2 or later) to the final Windows 2000 version, you must first upgrade to RC2 or later. Upgrading using the final version of Windows 2000 will not provide a one-step upgrade for Beta 3.

    Please take note the following:

    • Member servers and workstations running Beta 3 must be upgraded to RC2 first. They can then be upgraded to the final released version.

    • Member servers and workstations running RC1 or later can be upgraded to final version directly.

    • All Domain controllers running Beta 3 must be upgraded first to RC1, and then to RC2. They can then be upgraded to the final version.

    • All Domain controllers running RC1 must be upgraded to RC2 first. They can then be upgraded to the final version.

    • All Domain controllers running RC2 or later can be upgraded directly to the final version.

Starting the upgrade process:

To start an upgrade using the Windows 2000 CD-ROM:

  • Insert the CD-ROM in the drive, and wait for Setup to display a dialog box.

  • Follow the Setup instructions.

To start an upgrade using a network connection:

  • On a network server, share the installation files, either by inserting the CD-ROM and sharing the CD-ROM drive, or by copying the files from the I386 folder on the CD-ROM to a shared folder.

    On the computer on which you want to install Windows 2000, connect to the shared Setup files:

    • If you are sharing the CD-ROM drive, connect to the shared drive and change to the I386 folder.

    • If you are sharing a folder, connect to that folder.
  • Run Winnt32.exe.

  • Follow the Setup instructions.



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