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Review Hardware and Software Compatibility Issues
Minimum Hardware Requirements
Windows 2000 Readiness Analyzer

Troubleshooting overview for Windows 2000 -
What to do when something goes wrong.

Troubleshooting Strategies for Windows 2000
Windows 2000 Diagnostics Guide
The Windows 2000 Troubleshooters
Using the Windows 2000 Device Manager
Managing Devices in Windows 2000
Windows 2000 Professional Help
Device Error Codes
Troubleshooting the HAL Layer (Hardware Abstraction Layer)
How Drive Letters are assigned, Reserved and Stored
Windows Update for Windows 2000
Creating an Emergency Repair Disk
Third Party Application Compatibility Update
Finding Memory Leaks
Additional Windows 2000 Web Resources
Windows 2000 Resource Kits - Web Resources
Q168483 - ATAPI Reports Event ID: 26 Out-of-Date Firmware Error Message
Q247951 - HOWTO: Enabling UDMA66 Mode on Intel Chipsets
Q269555 - Device Manager Lists ATA-100 Device Incorrectly as Using PIO Instead of UDMA
Q260233 - Support for ATA 100 (Mode 5 ) in Windows 2000

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