Preparing the Hard Drive

Some of you may be thinking that partitioning your hard drive with the Fdisk utility, or performing a clean format of your hard drive is a monumental, if not impossible task. Rest assured that with some careful thought and prior planning, it's easy. Carefully planning your steps and making sure that you understand each one of those steps will be the key to your success!

Here are some "must do" procedures!

*Building a Windows Startup Boot Disk*

The First Procedure: (If you have a working Win95/98 computer)




DEVICE=A:\*******.SYS /D:MSCD001 (****.sys is your cd rom driver)




That's it, now boot to the floppy to test it. If it works, then you are ready to repartition the hard drive, format it and install the operating system.


The Second Procedure:

The Third Procedure

The Partitioning Procedure

Let's partition the drive!

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