Vice Versa

If you're only using one computer, you may be thinking that this program would be of no use to you, but think again. Have you ever had a ton of documents or picture (or both) on your computer and wanted to make sure that you had "all" of them tucked safely away on a CD, Floppy or another drive, but weren't certain that you had them all? Or, if you do have second copies stored somewhere, are they identical to the originals? If you're uncertain, this is the program for you!

This little free program will allow you to compare files and folders between "floppy drives, hard drives, CD-ROM drives, zip drives and network drives." All you need to do is select the source and target folders, click "Compare," and get an instant rundown of matching (and non-matching) files. Now you can synchronize the two destinations as necessary. The program even allows you to preview the output before you actually go through with it. Relying on size, CRC, and timestamp properties, ViceVersa allows you to handle this cumbersome task quickly and easily. No more outdated or mismatched data.

Click here for a Screen Shot of the file comparison window.

Download v.1.0.0 Windows 9x only (428K)

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