WEMedia Talking Browser v1.0

We often find tools and neat little programs that make the things everyone does, from the everyday user to the IT professional, easier to do. It's not often that each of us, as part of the human race, takes a moment and reflects on how easy we really have it, especially if we have our eyesight, hearing and mobility. Take any one of these away for just a day, just an hour, and you will learn the true meaning of difficult. We completely support any developer who is willing to devote their time and energy into creating whatever software is necessary to level the playing field for those who do not have the full use of their eyesight, hearing or mobility. We will continue to work hard to develop hardware that is easier to use and manage by those less fortunate than we are, and we commend those who are doing the same for software development.

We have taken the following information directly from the developer Web site. We urge you to read it carefully, try the software if you feel it will help someone and support the developer in any manner you can.

"WEMedia Talking Browser v1.0" is a PC software application that was developed in an effort to help blind and vision impaired people to experience the World Wide Web in a much more friendly way then is currently available.

We, at Customized Computer Software, sincerely thank WEMedia.com for the funds to complete the development of this project along with making it possible to distribute it as free. Why not add them to your browser's bookmarks, they're the best!

Basically, this is a web browser that "speaks" (using Microsoft Active X Agent© technology) the text from web pages for the benefit of the blind or vision impaired person. Please do not confuse this as another "screen reader" as it is a totally different concept to make the Internet experience available in a more user friendly way. In fact, it has been designed to be used without the help of a screen reader. It is operated via keystrokes (mouse clicks allowed), and upon further development, via voice recognition. These features give the sight impaired user the ability to navigate (with the skills or senses available to them) within the program. We have made a point of designing this software to be VERY simple to operate, thus allowing a wider audience to take advantage of it's use. In fact, after getting acquainted with the operation of the software, it can be operated with the use of only 6 "hot keys" in a very efficient manner! Any additional software needed ( a text-2-speech engine) is supplied within the setup program to be installed on the system.

WEMedia Talking Browser v1.0 includes the following features...

Our sighted visitors can click on this >> We Media Browser Screenshot.JPG (212705 bytes) image to view a screen shot.

After receiving valued feedback from current users we will start working on a more advanced version if development funding can be acquired. It may include the following added features:

Minimum system requirements...

Download and ordering instructions...

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We urge you to support their efforts in ATEC (Assistive Technology). They support a number of other issues critical to our society, such as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), Introduction to Sign Language or Finger Spelling, Downloadable Windows ASL (Sign Language) Fonts, Guidelines for Accessible Software, and a myriad of applications for the vision impaired, such as IE Speakster, Letter Helper, Make_It_Larger, Talking Mouse, Talking Page, Text Talkster, and Speech Recognition.

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