About System Requirements

For you to install and run PWS, your computer must meet certain hardware and software requirements. This topic details the requirements, and includes an easy-to-follow table you can use to review your system.

Hardware Requirements

If you intend to publish documents on your intranet, you must have a network connection. If you plan to use PWS as a development and staging platform only, and then upload your site to a corporate server or an Internet service provider, a network connection is not required. In addition, your hardware must meet the following specifications.

Hardware Requirements and Recommendations
Hardware Component MinimumRecommendation
Processor33 MHz 486 90 MHz Pentium®
RAM16 MB 32 to 64 MB
Free hard disk space 20 MB (minimum install) 100 MB
MonitorVGA Super VGA

Tip   If you have a name resolution system installed on your network, users can use “friendly” text names instead of IP addresses when connecting to your server.

Software Requirements

PWS can be installed on a computer running either Microsoft® Windows® 95 or later, or Microsoft® Windows NT® Workstation 4.0 or later operating system. Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 is also required.

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