How to Troubleshoot
Windows 98SE Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)

If, after following all that you have read in the previous pages, you still can't get ICS to work correctly, you will need to do some troubleshooting.

The most common of the problems you will experience in ICS:

You receive the following message on the client when attempting to access the Internet: "Page can not be displayed". This is even though when you check the status on the ICS gateway computer it shows that one computer is using the Internet Connection.

Let's do some checking by the numbers: Note: Since most people use a dial-up connection when accessing the Internet, our test computer (host) was setup using a dial-up adapter rather than DSL, ISDN or another type of "all ways connected" Internet connection. If you are using DSL, ISDN or other form of connection, other than dial-up, you will need to substitute your connection type for the dial-up adapter information provided below.

1. Host Settings:

Under Control Panel, Internet Options, Connections tab

2. Check the Client Settings:

Under Control Panel, Internet Options, Connections tab, make sure that:

This is how winipcfg looks on one of the test client machines:

IP Configuration

If you have worked your way through all of this, double checked everything and then restarted each of the computers (beginning with the host and then working your way through each client), your ICS network should be up and running.

If you are still experiencing some problems, you may want to review the Microsoft Knowledge Base Articles that are relevant to Internet Connection Sharing. A list of these Microsoft Knowledge Base Articles articles can be found Here.


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