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For some reason modems have a way of giving us the most headaches of all of the devices in our computers. Sometimes they won't dial out, won't connect, and when they do dial out and do connect, they appear slow and uncooperative. Then there is the ever present problem of missing drivers, wrong drivers, wrong initialization strings and a myriad of other problems.

The following information may help you in resolving some of these problems.


  Master List of Modem, RAS and Driver Support Pages
  Master List of Modem Initialization Strings
  Off Site List of Modem Initialization Strings (massive listing)
  Want to know what the "AT" command or initialization strings mean?
  Master List of ISDN Manufacturers & Modem Initialization Strings
  Master List of DUN and RAS Error Codes
  Master List of Modem Driver Sites (incl. Manufacturers)
  WinModem (software modem) Discussion Page
  Modem Transmission Speed Information
  3COM/US Robotics Line Test Utilities
  Phone Line Connection Testing Provided US Robotics
  Microsoft's Hardware Compatibility
  Microsoft's Modem Troubleshooter
  Standards and Protocols Cross Reference Pages 1 of 2
  Standards and Protocols Cross Reference Pages 2 of 2
  Need to Identify Your Modem?

  Need an Internet Connection Tech Support Diagnostic? Here's one

  from ZDNet that works. (Windows 95/98/NT) 920.3 KB

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